Why do you cough more after turning the overcast?

Recently, many netizens have reported that after the new crown, even if the nucleic acid and antigen show negative, the symptoms of cough have not disappeared, and some are even more serious.

After the new crown is infected, how long does the cough symptoms usually last?After turning the overcast, I still cough. What are the reasons?What should be taken?In response, Niu Hongtao, a physician of the China -Japan Friendship Hospital, accepted an interview with a reporter from the Science and Technology Daily.

Cough after infection usually recover 2 weeks, and may last for 8 weeks

"A respiratory tract infection above the Omikon strain, often occurs with air pads and bronchitis, which causes cough. At the same time, the virus causes the breathing tract mucosa destruction. The immune cells gather here to participate in the battle.And sputum discharge the throat, trachea, and bronchial secretions out of the body, and clean up the battlefield. "Niu Hongtao said.

The process of cleaning up the battlefield takes a certain amount of time. Cough may continue after heating fever, and generally recover within two weeks of onset."However, as long as the inflammation of the airway continues, the cough may last for 8 weeks after infection." Niu Hongtao told the Science and Technology Daily reporter.

According to Niu Hongtao, cough is divided into dryness and wetness. Virus infections are mostly the former and have no sputum, but some patients will also have cough and phlegm or sputum is not easy to cough, resulting in sustainable cough.

"Cough is a protection mechanism of the human body. Cough after infection is a situation that many respiratory virus infections will occur, so you don’t have to be too nervous." Niu Hongtao emphasized that "coughing after turning overcast, it is recommended to drink more water, rest, and talk less.Improve the temperature and humidity of the airway (apply the face with damp and humid towels, suck the steam), and promote the discharge of sputum. "

Cough for more than 3 weeks or symptoms should be seen in a timely manner

What measures can cope do not stop?Niu Hongtao introduced that drinking honey water or drinking soup made with loquat paste, pear, and humidification to the environment are conducive to alleviating cough."If you want to cough, but there is no water around you, you can try to swallow it repeatedly."

In addition to the above -mentioned non -medicinal methods, you can also use cough drugs to relieve cough."Each person’s physical condition is different, and the response to the drug is different. If the cough affects life, sleep, etc., it is recommended to go to the hospital respiratory department or online consultation in time to obtain individualized treatment suggestions. At the same time, avoid smokingKeep away from pollution and irritating smell, "Niu Hongtao said.

There are also some people who have sputum and it is difficult to cough.In this regard, Niu Hongtao suggested taking phlegm drugs."If the color of sputum is turned from white to yellow, and the amount is increasing, or even pus, it may be that the respiratory defense ability is reduced due to virus infection, and bacterial infections are merged. It is recommended to take antibiotics for 3 days to 5 days."

Niu Hongtao added that if cough (blood in sputum with blood), at night (or when you change your position), cough worse, a large amount of yellow pus sputum, the original symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, dyspnea, chest pain, etc.Or when the cough is more than 3 weeks, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.(Age Xiao Pei)

Source: Science and Technology Daily

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