Why do you have tinnitus symptoms during pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers, why do you have tinnitus?What can I do?How many people know clearly?Below, let’s introduce it to you, what should I do after the tinnitus of pregnant mothers, and what is the solution.

Why are there tinnitus symptoms during pregnancy?

Tinnitus is not a major disease for pregnant women. Due to the increased amount of luteal ketone secretion, it is easy to cause the swelling of the mucosa and cause symptoms such as tinnitus, nasal allergies, and nasal congestion. Generally, symptoms after childbirth may improve, or it may be kidney deficiency, anemia, weak physical body, etc.The causes are caused by poor rest and lack of sleep, and some are caused by low blood sugar and anemia.

What should I do if my tinnitus is tinnitus?

After the symptoms of tinnitus in pregnant women, they should pay attention to rest. They must keep their sleep sufficient. If tinnitus caused by low blood sugar and anemia should be used under the guidance of a doctor.During pregnancy, the symptoms of tinnitus will generally improve after childbirth, but there are many reasons for tinnitus. If the symptoms are severe, you must go to the ENT department for professional examination.However, as long as tinnitus phenomenon does not affect daily life, you don’t have to worry too much.But in the process of treatment, we must pay attention to the development of the fetus.

How to prevent pregnant women tinnitus in diet?

Develop the habit of drinking milk: Milk contains almost all known vitamins, with vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E and carotene.

Foods with blood circulation often: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can expand blood vessels, improve blood viscosity, and help maintain the normal microcirculation of small blood vessels in the ear, and can often consume black fungus and chives.

Eating more zinc -containing food: leading to tinnitus for pregnant women, zinc deficiency is an important reason.The zinc content in the cochlea is much higher than other organs.If the zinc content in the body is reduced, it will affect the function of the cochlea and cause hearing loss.

Eat more iron -rich foods: iron deficiency can easily harden red blood cells, reduce the ability to transport oxygen, and insufficient nutrient supply in the ear, which can damage the function of hearing cells and cause hearing to decrease.Iron supplementation can effectively prevent the occurrence of tinnitus in pregnant women.

To reduce fat intake: A large amount of lipid foods will increase blood lipids, increase blood viscosity, and cause arteriosclerosis.Inner ear is sensitive to blood supply disorders. When blood circulation disorders occur, they will cause lack of nutritional nutrition, which will cause deafness.Pregnant women should eat less animal -rich foods such as viscera, fat, cream, egg yolk, caviar, fried food, etc.

Xiaobian summarizes: The tinnitus symptoms of pregnant mothers are related to factors such as anemia and poor sleep during pregnancy.Therefore, during pregnancy, you must pay attention to the supplement and sufficient sleep of nutrition, so as to be a healthy mother.If the symptoms are more serious, go to the hospital in time.


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