Why do you like to cry more after pregnancy?You should know the three reasons that make the pregnant mother’s emotional depression down

Female health is important after pregnancy, but psychological aspects need to be paid more attention.Many women become emotional after pregnancy, and sometimes they are bored to a certain extent and even cry.This is actually not the coquettishness of a woman, but a natural pressure of a normal woman after pregnancy.

Some people say, shouldn’t be a mother, shouldn’t it be happy? People who say this must not live a child.Women’s emotions after pregnancy and even crying can be analyzed from these aspects: 1. Big physiological changes, and their weight gradually increases.After losing the original perfect figure, stretch marks and freckles have quietly climbed on their own body, so they cry for this; 2. Itching in the limbs, the abdomen of women during pregnancy will feel all kinds of discomfort. Because of the first time I was when I was the first time I wasThere is no experience in pregnancy and I do n’t know what to do, so we cry for this; 3. Worried about the inspection of the birth check, when the mother wants to have a healthy baby, the purpose of the birth check is to ensure whether the fetus is growing in health.Mom will feel nervous, afraid of what diseases in the fetus suffer, and have been worried.When these aspects of pressure attacking the pregnant mother at the same time, no matter how strong a woman will become fragile.Crying during pregnancy is actually harmful to the fetus. If you understand these harms, will you cry during pregnancy?

1. Cause premature birth

Long -term emotional depression of pregnant mothers will damage the stability of the fetus in the abdomen. Especially when it is severely hit, bleeding and dishes will occur in the uterine site, which will seriously evolve into premature birth.Very unfavorable.

2. Insufficient weight of the fetus

When the emotional fluctuations of pregnant mothers are more likely to excite, it will affect the function of the spleen and stomach. When the spleen and stomach function decreases, the daily diet of the pregnant mother cannot be absorbed normally.Essence

3. Cause malformations

When people cry, toxins are secreted in their bodies. This toxin can be transmitted to the fetus by placenta. If women often cry during pregnancy, or when they encounter major accidents, the spirit is hit.Wait for deformity.

4, fetal treasure hypoxia

The more women are pregnant, the more they should pay attention to their emotional problems. If the mental state is poor in the third trimester, and often use tears to wash their face, it will cause their own circulation function to weaken. When the blood circulation of the pregnant mother’s body is not smooth, it is transmitted to the fetus to the fetus to the fetus.The number of oxygen of the baby will gradually decrease. If this bad mental state is not improved in time, it is easy to cause fetal hypoxia danger.

5. Affect the psychological growth of the baby’s future

Why does the child from adults, on the one hand, because of genes, on the other hand, the external influence during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother is very low during pregnancy and often crying, the baby will also look like "delicate" like a mother after birth.Not only is it bad, but the daily life, digestive function, and adaptability will be very poor.

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