Why does a woman "stink"?What is the same?

Liu Li is a young and beautiful girl, but she has always troubled her private parts.She tried to use various products, but these methods seemed to have no effect.She didn’t know how to solve this problem, and she felt very anxious.

Finally one day, Liu Li decided to go to a doctor.The doctor told her that she might suffer from vaginitis, which is a common female disease that can be controlled by correct treatment.The doctor gave her some drugs and guidance, and suggested that she treat it strictly in accordance with the doctor’s order.

Why do women’s private parts have a smell

It is a common problem to occur in women’s private parts, usually caused by multiple reasons.Under normal circumstances, women’s reproductive organs will secrete liquids. This liquid has a certain odor, but it usually does not produce an unpleasant smell.However, some physiological and health problems can cause odors in women’s private parts, such as bacterial infections, sexually transmitting diseases, hormones imbalances, lifestyle and diet.Here are some common reasons that may cause bad odors in women:

Natural secretions: Women’s vaginal endocrine has a certain odor. Under normal circumstances, transparent or white liquids are secreted, called vaginal secretions.These secretions can prevent infection and keep the vagina moist and clean, but if the number is too large or the quality is not good, it may produce odor.

Bacterial infection: Bacterial infection is one of the common causes of the odor of women’s private parts.Bacterial balance in the vagina can be affected by many factors, such as sexual behavior, lifestyle, diet, hormonal levels and antibiotics.When bacterial imbalances can cause bacterial infections and produce odor.

Sexually transmitted diseases: some sexually transmitted diseases, such as trichomonas, gonorrhea, and chlamydia infected by sandylons, can also cause the women’s private odor.These diseases are usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain, itching, and increased secretions.

Hormonal imbalance: The changes in hormonal levels may also lead to the odor of women’s private parts.For example, the hormonal levels of pregnant women, lactating women and menopause women will change, which may affect the acid -base balance of vaginal vagina and lead to odor.

Lifetime and diet: Unhealthy lifestyle and diet can also cause women’s private odors.For example, wearing tight clothes and impermeable clothes can make the private parts humid, thereby increasing the risk of infection; excessive cleaning or inappropriate use of inappropriate washing solution can also destroy the self -balance of the vagina and cause odor.

The privacy parts have a odor, what is related to?

It is a common problem for women’s privacy parts, and there are usually many reasons.Here are some other reasons that may cause odors in women’s privacy parts:

Attraction: Some specific positions may cause odors in women’s privacy parts, especially after summer or exercise.For example, factors such as sedentary, squatting, skirts too short, and leg friction may cause the private parts to be overly wet and hot, resulting in odor.

Tights: Wearing tights, tight panties, or tight skirts such as tights will cause the private parts to be overly wet, increase the risk of bacterial growth and infection, and cause odor.

Diabetes: Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes excess sugar to produce excessive sugar.These additional sugar may be discharged in women’s urine and sweat, causing odors in the private parts.

Vaginal inflammation: vaginal inflammation is inflammation caused by bacteria, fungi or parasitic infections.This inflammation can increase the vaginal secretion and cause odor.

Drugs and care products: certain drugs and nursing products may cause odor to produce privacy parts.For example, excessive use of chemicals such as washing liquid, deodorizing agent, perfume, hair dye may destroy the self -balance of the vagina and lead to odor.

Excessive hair: If women have too much hair in their private parts, they will capture sweat and secretions to produce odor.In addition, excessive scraping may also cause scratches and infection, which causes odor.

Health problems: In addition to diabetes and vaginal inflammation, other health problems may also cause odors in women’s privacy, such as endometriosis, vaginal virus infections, and uterine fibroids.

Women’s private odor is a common problem, but it can usually prevent and reduce odor through the following methods:

Keep cleaning: Bathing or bathing every day, using clean and soft care products, especially products specifically for private care, can reduce the occurrence of odor.During the cleaning process, you must pay attention to wash your hands and clean your private parts to avoid excessive cleaning, because this may destroy the healthy bacteria balance in the vagina.

Use the right washing solution: Use the washing solution specifically for private parts. These products usually contain acidic ingredients and help maintain the acid -base balance in the vagina.However, do not use these products too much, because excessive cleaning may also destroy the healthy bacteria balance in the vagina.

Avoid using tight clothes: Wearing loose clothing can reduce the humidity of the private parts, thereby reducing odor.If you need to wear tight clothes, you can choose to use cotton, breathable underwear, and often change clothes.

Pay attention to diet and lifestyle: Diet and living habits may also affect the odor of private parts.Diet should be diversified and balanced to avoid excessive intake of irritating foods, such as spicy food, coffee, alcohol, etc.In addition, it should also avoid bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

After the event, cleaning: After exercise, swimming or other violent activities, the private parts usually more humid and easy to breed bacteria. It should be cleaned and replaced in time to reduce the occurrence of odor.

Maintaining good personal hygiene and healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent the odor of women’s private parts.If you have noticed odor, you can try these methods to prevent and reduce them.However, if the odor continues or accompanies other symptoms, such as itching, pain, discomfort, etc., you should seek medical treatment in time.

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