Why does the fetus do not move in the B -ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy?There are two cases, the attachment time and location

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The B -ultrasound is an indispensable for delivery items during pregnancy. It takes about 4 B -ultrasound during pregnancy. The B -ultrasound examination is mainly to monitor the development of the fetus and whether it is normal, especially the 12 weeks of pregnancy (NT examination BThe B -ultrasound, which, 24 weeks of pregnancy, belongs to the deformed examination, so the pregnant mother should not miss it.

Friends Huahua went to the 12 -week birth checkup a few days ago, and at the same time she had an NT examination. Because she had never done a B -ultrasound before, she was particularly excited because she had to see the baby for the first time, but she was doing it, but she was doing it, but she was doing it, but she was doing it, but she was doing it, but she was doing it.During the B -ultrasound, she looked at the black B -ultrasound screen. I didn’t know which was the baby. I couldn’t see the baby’s movement at all. I didn’t see it clearly and figured it out. The doctor said it was finished. Let her get up.Essence

When I came back to the birth check, I sent a message and asked me, "Go to do a 12 -week birth checkup, do the B time of B, why do the fetus do not move?" I asked her what the doctor said, she said that the doctor said it was very good, the fetus developed very well, I teased her to tease herSaid that the baby may be asleep.

The best time for NT examinations is 11-14 weeks of pregnancy, and 12 weeks of pregnancy are the first regular delivery time. Therefore, doctors generally help the pregnant mother to check the NT until 12 week.

If you do B -ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy, you may not see the fetus, and there may be two situations below:

1. The baby baby is too small and the activity is not obvious

The fetus is only about 75mm in 12 weeks and weighs about 15 grams. Although they are now a small baby baby, because they are still very small, they are naturally gentle when they move.

Therefore, the mothers of this pregnant week cannot feel the fetal movement. Therefore, when doing the B -ultrasound, the baby has a minor activity. It is not obvious, and it may seem to be motionless.

2. Fire baby is sleeping

Generally speaking, it will not be more than 20 minutes to do a B -ultrasound. If the baby is just sleeping at this time, then you will not be able to catch the "fetal dynamics".Will move a little.

Therefore, the B -ultrasound did not feel that the fetal movement was normal at 12 weeks of pregnancy. The pregnant mothers need not worry. When the baby is developing to a certain stage, naturally, they can punch and kick the mother to feel his existence.

At about 18 weeks of pregnancy, the baby began to do "gymnastics" in the mother’s uterus. At this time, the pregnant mother felt the presence of the fetus for the first time.

However, some pregnant mothers may feel early before 18 weeks, and some will be postponed until the 20th week before they can feel;

And the maternal maternal experience is more experienced than the first mother, and the pregnant mother with thin belly is also earlier than pregnant mothers with thick belly fat.

The first feeling of fetal movement is like the feeling of small fish vomiting bubbles, the feeling of "grunting" is not very obvious, but it is delicate and amazing.

Jingma reminds:

Pregnant mothers are best to record the time of the fetal movement for the first time. In this way, when the actual size of the fetus and B -ultrasound have deviations, they can re -evaluate the expected delivery date according to the fetal movement time.

Different pregnancy weeks, the position of the fetal movement of pregnant mothers is slightly different.

4-5 months of pregnancy: The fetal body is relatively small, and the uterus still has enough space for the baby to play freely. Therefore, any place in the lower abdomen of the pregnant mother may feel the movement of the baby.

6-7 months of pregnancy: Pregnant mothers can expand the scope of the sides near the stomach. When they see the baby moved in the uterus, the elbows or body parts support the belly. At this stageThe fetal movement is very regular. After 20-30 minutes of the baby, there will be 50-60 minutes of sleep.

8-10 months of pregnancy: The head of most fetuses is down, and the fetal movement will occur on the middle abdomen or the right side of the rib, because most babies are on the right side of the mother in the uterus, and they will be on the right side of the mother.Feel the fetal movement by the rib on the right.

However, in the third trimester, due to the reduction in the amount of amniotic fluid and the limitation of the fetus in the uterus, the fetal movement will be reduced with the previous comparison.

In the middle of pregnancy, the amplitude of fetal movement has become strong to follow the increase of the fetus, but the fetal movement cannot be felt in the early pregnancy, so the pregnant mother does not have to worry, as long as other examinations are normal.

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should develop the habit of "digital fetal movement" and monitor the fetus in the stomach at any time to ensure the safety of the baby.stage.

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