Why does the fresh fox tail lily flower in "Zhen Huan Biography" cause the concubine to have a miscarriage?

Introduction: Concubine, An Lingrong, a member of the Queen team, was originally simple, cowardly, and then insidious and unreasonable.She killed her sister’s sister and made Zhen Ye hate her. The "blackening" was definitely a "fighter" in the blackened!

From the beginning, An Lingrong asked Zhen Huan to have a miscarriage, how deep the Anling Rongtong machine was, and a simple box of simple Shu marks made Zhen Ye caught off guard.Zhen Huan’s father put his mouse in prison and wanted to harm Zhen’s father. Fortunately, he was rescued by Shen Meizhuang.

In the end, Zhen Huan returned to the palace with her body, and An Lingrong gritted her teeth. She couldn’t wait to get rid of Zhen Ye directly. Who knew that her father was degraded into prison., An Lingrong had a child at this time, and it would be difficult to handle it now.

Not only did he release An Lingrong’s father, but he was also allowed by the queen to seal An Lingrong as "concubine". He learned that An Lingrong’s true truth was pregnant, and Zhen Huan began to shot.

A fresh fox tail lily made the concubine abortion.

At the beginning, Zhen Huan tried lily in the palace, and then deliberately instructed the Internal Affairs House to send the lily to the concubine hall every day. When it was soothed, it was not expected that this was because of such a bunch of lilies that made the concubine abortion.

In fact, Zhen Ye discovered that An Lingrong was good at using the secret of fascination. Daily sending flower houses and sending lilies just to make her have no doubt. Who can think of the day when the emperor was going to visit An Lingrong.One of them was sprinkled with a fragrance of love.

On the day of his birthday, the bouquet was sent to the bunch in An Ling Rong Yanxi Palace. Zhen Huan deliberately sprinkled with the Hua Fang, so this move shows that they did hands and feet for flowers.

Zhen Huan also expected that after An Lingrong’s arrival of the emperor, he relaxed his vigilance of Lily, and unknowingly smelled the fascinating fragrance that made her naturally slippery tires.Speaking directly, because the fascination is in the Anling Rongfang, An Lingrong could not take off the first crime.

After the concubine had a miscarriage, the emperor fell into blame, and when Zhen Ye visited the concubine, he deliberately made a look at him to deal with the lily.It ’s bad, because the concubine is pregnant, which is the prescription given by the queen. This was also a child who was designed.

Conclusion: Zhen Yan did not intend to discover that An Lingrong’s self -made fascinating fragrance was the key to bringing down An Lingrong, because a tail of the fox tail added her homemade spices, which also made An Lingrong completely lost his favor.The most heartache was that when An Ling Rong was stunned, Zhen Ye looked at the sunset slightly. An Lingrong’s life was used. When he was a chess piece, he had never been loved by others.

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