Why does the other pregnant mothers "drum bags" and do not feel during pregnancy?Related to 3 conditions

Listening to fetal heart and several fetal movements is the way expectant mothers interact with fetal treasure during pregnancy. The fetal movement that women have seen on the Internet may be exaggerated when they are not pregnant. Some people share photos of their belly "drum bags".Uncomfortable, once scared away a lot of women who prepared for babies.

After she was really pregnant, the pregnant mother found that the little guy in her stomach was very quiet, and couldn’t help but doubt whether the fetal movement was normal or her own fetal movement was normal.

Lina did not experience a particularly "violent" fetal movement when she was pregnant. At that time, her mother -in -law said "lazy boy, diligent girl", and the fetal treasure that did not love was likely to be a boy.

During a check -up, several pregnant mothers sat on the chair of the corridor together, and they felt the fetal movement with their stomachs.One of the pregnant mothers said to her husband excitedly, "You see my belly drum, is the baby kicking me with your feet."Lina was envious and curious when she saw it, so she walked over and wanted to touch the stomach of the pregnant mother.

The other party did not refuse Lina’s request, but she didn’t understand why she did this. Generally, the talents who had never been pregnant with the baby were curious about the fetal movement. Since Lina should touch the belly of others with pregnancy?

Lina helplessly explained that her fetal treasure was always arched, and she had hardly touched her belly drum bag. Although the family said she was not guilty, Lina still wanted to experience the different kind of fetal movement in person, onlyUnfortunately, the fetal treasure did not give her a chance.Lina is very puzzled that she is normal for each birth check.

When the drum bag of the pregnant mother’s belly, the raised place is usually smaller. Most of them are "怼" on the mother’s belly with small places such as the hands, feet, or joints during the activity.

When adults find that there are small drums on their stomach, they touch it with their hands, which may find out which part of the baby’s body.When the fetal treasure feels touched, the timid fetal treasure will retract immediately, and the naughty fetal treasure responds with a more powerful "drum bag".They may be turned over during the drum, or they may be "stretching their bones". The prospective parents should not try to touch the drums at this time to avoid interrupting the little guy’s movement.

The fetal movement of each pregnant mother is small, and the feelings of a woman’s tip and the second child are also different.The reason is not much to do with the gender of the fetal treasure. In two pregnant mothers with the same pregnancy time, whether the pregnancy belly is affected by the following conditions.

★ It is related to the thin belly of the pregnant mother

When the pregnant mother’s weight is different, the fat thickness of the abdomen is different. The more fat the pregnant mothers, the more flesh on the belly of the pregnant mothers. When the fetal treasure comes out of the "drum bag", it does not look obvious.When the thin mother’s belly was bigger, the belly became thinner and thinner, and the small movements of the fetal treasure were easily observed.From this point, you can also connect: "The larger the fetal treasure grows, the thinner the pregnant mother’s belly is, and the various fetal movements look more obvious."

★ It is related to the perception of pregnant mothers

The feeling of the same force on each pregnant mother is different. The more sensitive pregnant mothers can feel the slight fetal movement of the fetal treasure, and the unspented Baoma accidentally missed the time of the fetal "drum".

When the pregnant mother is too nervous, always stare at her belly, the baby can find it gently; when the pregnant mother relaxs the outside or has other things, her body is in exercise.obvious.It wasn’t that the fetal treasure didn’t move, but that the mother didn’t find it.

★ It is related to the location and habit of the fetal treasure

The fetal treasure is not in the same posture in the mother’s belly. Some babies are in an inverted posture at their heads, and some babies are sitting in her mother’s belly.When the fetal treasure faces towards the mother’s belly, it will hit the hands and feet into the belly, and it looks a smaller drum bag from the outside.From the outside, it is a relatively large area of ups and downs.

In addition to the factors of fetal position, whether the adoption of the pregnant mother’s belly is still related to the habit of fetal treasure.Fetal treasure is individual. The lively and lively fetal treasure often "punches and kicks" and moves to move. ” Innocent fetal treasure may just turn over when they wake up. The pregnant mother naturally has different movements.Feeling.

The pregnant mother gradually felt the fetal movement around 4 months of pregnancy. At first, she could not see any ups and downs. The fetal treasure movement was very gentle. By 20 ~ 35 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal treasure was the most active and naughty stage.Because at this time they were not very large, and their limbs developed well, they often moved in their mother’s belly.

After 35 weeks, I entered the third trimester, and the space for fetal treasure activities was getting smaller and smaller. They curled up and could not "swim" as before, becoming more and more honest.

The fetal treasure has its own "biological clock". The normal fetal movement is about 3 to 5 times per hour, and 30 to 40 times within 12 hours.In the early morning, the fetal movement was less, and the number of times after 6 pm, and the most lively period from 8 to 11 pm.As long as it is regular and uniform in action, the fetal movement is normal, and the expectant mothers do not have to entangle whether there is a "drum bag".

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