Why does the pregnant woman look big, but the baby is not big?Most of these 4 reasons

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Some time ago, Lili’s cousin gave birth to 5 pounds of male treasures. The little guy was so cute and cute, but she looked a little "thin".The reason why the little guy is "thin" is actually because the cousin was very "big" during pregnancy. The relatives at home said, "Such a big belly will definitely have a big fat boy in the future!"

During the pregnancy examination, my cousin also found that her pregnant belly was really much bigger, so she was proud of it for this.But now the long pregnancy has not grown to the baby, but it has grown on her own, and the cousin is really helpless.

Seeing my cousin "long meat and no fetal", Lili felt very confused.Although Lili herself was pregnant for more than a month and her baby had not yet begun to show her arms, she hoped that she could learn the experience of my cousin, so that she was best to be "long -taught and not meat."

Hu Xinger, who had been pregnant for 9 months, posted a photo of himself and his friend Hu Dingxin on the social platform.And also said that Hu Dingxin would "take birth" for himself.It turned out that this was Hu Xinger’s new drama "standing" for his girlfriend. It can be seen from the photos that both people are really dressed as a white coat.In the photo, Hu Xinger’s pregnant belly is "huge", and netizens teased, "The belly must be a big fat doll."

1. The pelvis of pregnant women

The pelvic size of each pregnant woman is still different. If the pelvis of pregnant women is relatively wide, the growth space of the fetus will be more abundant. Such a pregnant woman’s pregnant belly is usually smaller; and if the pelvis of pregnant women is narrow,Then the fetal activity space will be very limited, the larger the fetal volume, the more prominent the pregnant belly will be.

2. Different positions in the fetus

If it is an anterior arms, the fetus will appear earlier, and the pregnant woman’s pregnant belly will be more obvious; if it is the back of the arms, the fetus will be relatively late, and the waist of the pregnant woman will be relatively "thinner and thinner."Some.

3. How much amniotic fluid

In addition to the fetus in the pregnant woman’s uterus, there are a lot of amniotic fluid storage.So if the amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus of pregnant women is more, the pregnant woman’s pregnant belly will look larger.

4. Pregnant women diet during pregnancy

If pregnant women eat too much greasy during pregnancy, there may be a condition that long meat is not long.A large amount of fat accumulates on the pregnant woman, and the lack of exercise of pregnant women during pregnancy, which naturally causes the pregnant woman’s pregnancy.

1. Genetic genetic impact

Genes from parents will have a certain impact on the size of the fetus.If the parents’ body is fat, the weight of the fetus will be relatively important.In addition, some studies have shown that if the height of pregnant women is higher, the weight of the fetus will be heavier at birth.

2. The environmental state in the mother’s uterus

The fetus grows in the mother’s uterus, so if the environment in the uterus is good, the fetus will develop better.If it is an elderly maternal or a maternal state of poor pregnancy, the environment in the palace will change and the weight of the fetus will be affected.

3. Dietary status of pregnant women during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the daily dietary intake of pregnant women is a source of nutrition for fetal development. Especially after the second trimester, the fetus enters a period of rapid development and depends on nutritional intake.At this time, if the pregnant mother can ensure that the nutritional intake is sufficient, the weight of the fetus will naturally increase significantly.

It can be seen that the weight of the fetus has a great influence relationship with the physical condition of the Baoma and the dietary intake, so pregnant mothers must take care of themselves during pregnancy and keep their bodies in the best state.

1. Keep a healthy diet during pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers bear the nutritional supply of their own and fetus, so pregnant mothers must ensure the balanced and sufficient intake of nutrition.At the same time, pregnant mothers should not eat greasy foods too much during pregnancy. Although these foods look nutritious, they are more excessive fat supplement.Great "" risk.

2. Keep your mood happy

The emotional state of pregnant women during pregnancy will also affect the fetus. If the mood of pregnant women is poor, the abnormal secretion of hormones in its body will affect the development of the fetus.Especially during the third trimester, excessive emotional nervousness of pregnant women may also cause excessive umbilical cord around the neck.

3. Make sure appropriate exercise quantity

Appropriate exercise during pregnancy can not only help pregnant mothers to maintain their figure, but also improve the physical condition of pregnant women. Therefore, when the fetus is in a stable period, the appropriate amount of exercise is also good.However, in terms of the arrangement of exercise or the extent of exercise, pregnant mothers must combine physical reality, and do not excessively barely.

In addition, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not be blindly supplemented because of excessive pursuit of "fat babies". The state of healthy pregnancy is the most suitable for fetal growth and development.The size of the pregnant belly is not the same as the size of the fetus, and it is the most critical to reasonably control the weight of pregnancy.What else do you have to share with the topic of the fetus?

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