Why is it pregnant after taking contraceptives? Can this child want it?

Netizen consultation: I gave birth to the first child, because the environment was not adapted, and I changed to a short -acting contraceptive pill.For more than half a year in a row, the contraceptive effect is very good.Last month, on the National Day holiday, the family drove to the province to travel by car and forgot to bring contraceptives.On the day of my home, it was the 5th day of menstruation, and I started to take medicine quickly.The first few months was the third day of menstruation.Two days later, I took medicine. I did not expect that the menstruation was more than 7 days.

Why are you still pregnant? Can this child ask?

In fact, depending on the purpose of treatment, the use time of contraceptives is different.If the menstrual cycle is adjusted and the medicine is advocated from the fifth day of menstruation, this is more in line with the law of menstruation once a month.

If it is for the purpose of contraception, it is best to take medicine from the first day of menstruation.The contraceptive effect of contraceptives is mainly to inhibit follicular development.As soon as menstruation came, the follicles began to raise, and the follicles on the first day of menstruation were almost the smallest.At this time, the contraception effect is the best, and the contraceptive rate can reach 99%.The later, the longer the follicles, the more unreliable the effect of the drug.If the drug fails to inhibit follicular development, the follicles will continue to grow, mature, and ovulation, and they may be pregnant.

So, can this child still be pregnant after oral contraceptives?

In fact, many large sample investigations and research have confirmed that in case of pregnancy during taking short -acting contraceptives, it does not increase the incidence of childhood deformity.Therefore, if there is a fertility requirement, or whether the age of pregnant women’s age is reduced, pregnancy is pregnant after taking the medicine, and it is not recommended to terminate pregnancy.

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