Why is ovarian cancer as soon as possible?The following symptoms need to be vigilant

As one of the important organs of women, the function of the ovaries is self -evident, which not only plays an important role in regulating endocrine regulating endocrine, but also protects children.

Once the ovaries are cancer, the consequences are unimaginable. When most ovarian cancer discovery is advanced, it is one of the malignant tumors that seriously threaten women’s healthy tumors!About 70 % of ovarian cancer is already in a late state when they are discovered; and 70 % of women may recur after professional and standard treatment, so ovarian cancer is also known as the "king of women cancer."

Ms. Liu, who lives in Chengdu, has always been slim, and she is also very satisfied with her body. However, not long ago, she found that her belly gradually became larger. At first, she thought she was old and her body became fat.I didn’t care.

Unexpectedly, half a year later, her belly became bigger and bigger. She looked like "pregnancy", but Ms. Liu was 48 years old, she did not have childbirth, and she had always been contraception.Essence

After examination, the doctor told Ms. Liu that she had "ovarian cancer", and her belly was getting bigger and bigger because she had a sarcoma in her body. Within half a year, Ms. Liu increased by more than 20 pounds.Finally, Ms. Liu underwent surgical treatment with the doctor’s advice.

Ovarian cancer is known as one of the most dangerous cancers in female tumors. About 52,000 women in my country are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year, and about 22,000 people die from the disease.Over the past 10 years, the incidence of ovarian cancer in my country has increased by 30%, and the mortality rate has increased by 18%.

Although ovarian cancer is terrible and hidden deeply, we can detect in advance when there are some symptoms:

This symptom is the most, usually manifested as "not much to eat, but not hungry at all." Patients will feel that their appetite is significantly reduced, but the satiety is very strong.Digestiveness, no appetite, or gaining weight, ignoring the common symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Therefore, if there is a poor appetite for unknown reasons, accompanied by abdominal distension, you must go to the doctor in time to do the corresponding gynecological examination, especially the older middle -aged and elderly women.

Ovarian tumors will secrete some sex hormones, causing abnormalities in the body, such as irregular vaginal bleeding, puberty women with puberty or male characteristics.In addition to checking the endocrine conditions, you must also be alert to whether you have ovarian diseases.

This situation is mostly a faint pain.When ovarian tumors are ruptured, bleeding, or reversing, it can cause low back pain or abdominal pain.

Because ovarian cancer is a consumed disease, if it is advanced to cancer, due to tumor reasons, patients will have obvious weight loss, and there will even be facial yellow and anemia.

Due to the large volume of ovarian tumors, the mucus cyinoma can grow hugely and is the largest tumor that can grow in the human body.When the tumor grows to a certain degree, the patient will feel that the abdomen has obvious swelling and oppression, and it will even compress other organs, causing discomfort in the stomach and abdomen;Frequent urination and endless urine.

Therefore, as a woman, we must pay special attention to their physical health. When the above five cases, you need to be alert to whether it is a malignant tumor symptom!

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