Why is there a meat in the burger and the main food of carbohydrates?

McDonald’s, Fast Fast food like KFC is mainly fried and barbecue. For example, fried fried chicken in the production process makes food more oils that cause the food itselfIn terms of, traditional burgers are mainly two pieces of bread clamps and a small amount of vegetables. Eating burgers alone can actually meet the daily nutritional requirements of the human body. Eating for a long time with such a diet will cause nutritional unevenness.

It can be seen from the dietary pagoda that the proportion of a burger bag is more of the meat and oils close to the tower. As food, although the burgers provide protein and energy that people need, because they are purchased with burgers, they are generally French fries.High -salt and high -calorie foods, with this as the main diet structure, nutritional imbalances will be more serious. This is an unhealthy diet.Compared with the diet structure of Chinese people, this diet is unhealthy, but this can be adjusted by conditioning diet and proper exercise.

If you want to control the degree of diet, the dietary pagoda itself can provide a certain guidance significance, that is, a one -day food matching reference, not strictly required to eat enough or even exceed the specific gram of a day.The proportion can be arranged, that is, the dietary structure of plant -based food.In this way, the daily intake of calories will not exceed too much, which will cause excessive heat to be converted into fat. The nutrients in intake can also ensure normal physical functions.

In fact, there is no completely "unhealthy" food. The title of "junk food" is heavy to these burgers. As long as you eat with reasonable food, we are what we say "healthy diet".

Therefore, Hamburg is a relatively not so nutritious food, and there are no food that can include the nutrients required by all human body. We can maintain a balanced balance of our overall healthy diet by rationally adjusting, thereby satisfying the healthy diet of the health.condition.

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