Why isn’t the early pregnancy test paper "two bars" still not pregnant?It may have been "flowed"

We all know that the response of early pregnancy is usually pregnant and discontinued. Some female friends noticed that their aunt was doubted that she was pregnant before they came.The HCG value has also risen, reaching the standard of pregnancy, but the B -ultrasound is still not visible.This in the end is why?

The situation mentioned at the beginning is actually called biochemical pregnancy.Biochemical pregnancy may not feel so strong, but it also belongs to a natural abortion, known as hidden abortion.This abortion actually occurs before the fertilized egg bed, which is the abortion within 5 weeks of pregnancy.

1. Menstrual delay: Menstrual delay is the most direct manifestation of biochemical pregnancy. Many women also consider their pregnancy from this step; but soon there may be vaginal bleeding, and some people haveMenstruation time is almost the same, so almost all of them notice that they are biochemical pregnancy, and confuse it with menstruation.

2. Abdominal pain: Some people in biochemical pregnancy will have the manifestation of abdominal pain. It may be persistent abdominal pain, or it may be short -lived. Perhaps it is just a little backache. This writing situation varies from person to person.

3. Other early pregnancy reactions: Biochemical pregnancy will also have early pregnancy reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, chest bloating and so on.There will be two bars at the beginning of the pregnancy test strip, and the HCG value will increase, but after a few days, the HCG value will slowly decrease, and the color of the early pregnancy test strip will fade.If you are pregnant normally, the HCG value will continue to rise without falling.

Some people know that they are biochemical pregnancy, and understand that it is also a kind of miscarriage.I am obviously that I am usually very healthy. How can there be abortion?In fact, you can calmly look at it, because most of the biochemical pregnancy does not affect the next pregnancy, because in this case, the fertilized eggs have not yet arrived in the uterus, have not caused damage to the endometrium, and did not cause the body to the body.harm.As mentioned just now, some people did not even find that they were biochemical pregnancy, so it passed.Biochemical pregnancy does not need to take a small confinement or treatment.Unless it is the reason for its own body, it has been unable to conceive, so I need to continue a complete examination to help pregnancy.

According to clinical data, in fact, 70%of pregnancy is naturally aborted, of which 2/3 are biochemical pregnancy.In other words, after the sperm and eggs meet, the probability of failed to get in bed is still very high. Not every time I can go to bed smoothly. If you find that you have biochemical pregnancy, you do n’t need to be discouraged.Successful.

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