Why may it be a problem with the neck?

The neck soreness causes headaches, which must not be ignored.Everyone knows that most of the nerves on the head come from the neck.The nerves walk up to the head from the spinal cord, and there must be a lot of bone gaps and muscles on the way.If the neck muscles or bones have lesions, such as cervical spine degeneration, neck muscle trauma, etc., the nerves passing here will be affected and abnormal changes, and these abnormal changes will cause headaches.

Zheng Guangliang, Dean of Xiamen Light Light Orthopedic Hospital, said that although the headache caused the brain to explode, the brain tissue itself did not have a painful tissue.Therefore, in addition to the headaches caused by brain tumors and stroke, in most cases, headaches also need to pay attention to tissue organs outside the brain.

Zheng Guangliang introduced that cervical -derived headache refers to a syndrome with chronic and unilateral head pain as the main manifestation of chronic and unilateral head pain.The nature of pain is a kind of pain.

According to the different parts of the nerve root, there are two types of cervical headache: 1. Neurological pain.The inflammatory stimulation in the spinal canal and (or) the mechanical compression of the C1-C3 nerve root in the intervertebral disc, causing neurological pain;Cervical joint disorders, muscle spasm and (or) fascia of fascia outside the spinal canal, inflammatory stimulation or mechanical card pressure C1-C3 nerve root branch, causing muscle-derived pain.

And the orbital; 3. The pain is blunt, without fighting, and the temporal part is heavy; 4. Intermittent seizures, each time to a few hours to a few days, sustainable seizures in the later period;The neck posture and presses the structure dominated by the first to the third dominance of the first to the third to the third to the third to the third to seduce headache; 6. The neck is stiff, active and passive activity is limited.Pain; 7. Other related symptoms and signs, such as nausea, vomiting, light, blurred vision, shed tears, fear, dizziness, etc.

How to prevent cervical headache?First of all, you need to prevent trauma, try to keep your sleeping position correctly, the pillow is appropriate, and correct the poor posture and habits. Secondly, you must prevent the cold of the neck, strengthen the cervical muscle exercise, self -care, and maintain a good mentality to avoid mental tension.

Zheng Guangliang said that headache is a symptom and a disease.Cervical headache is a common symptom of cervical spondylosis, and clinical is more common.This type of headache must be paid attention to, because there are many causes of headaches and very complicated, specialists must be asked to diagnose and treat them, do a good job of diagnosis and identification, and prevent misdiagnosis from misdiagnosis.

(Reporter Lan Yunsi)

Source: Xiamen Evening News

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