Why no one tells the pregnancy test time and clearly knocks on the pregnancy test at one time.

1. Calculation of gestational week

Commonly used [Undaranth Menstruation Law] Calculate the gestational week. For example, the last start date is 2023.04.15, and today is 2023.05.18. The corresponding pregnancy week is: 4th week+5 days.

2. Checking time arrangement

3. Blood check (5-6 weeks of pregnancy)

Focus on progesterone and HCG values to determine whether you are pregnant.Do not need to be empty, do not need to urinate, go directly in the morning. For the first time, I strongly recommend that my husband accompany it!

1. progesterone

Weltone value> 20ng/ml, which is normal

2. HCG

In the first 8 weeks, the growth is very fast. As long as it is in the normal range and increases as weeks of pregnancy, there is no need to worry about it.

Fourth, NT examination (12 weeks of pregnancy)

At 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to go to the hospital to build files, and to do NT examination when they are built, that is, check the thickness of the transparent layer of the fetal neck.If the NT value is too high, it may indicate that the abnormalities of the fetal chromosome nucleus or the deformity of other structures have a certain relationship.

5. File inspection (11-12 weeks of pregnancy)

Remember to make an appointment in advance.Some projects are the same as pre -pregnancy examination items.If it is the results of the inspection within half a year, you don’t need to do it repeatedly.

Construction information: ID card/hukou book/wedding certificate, maternity service certificate, B -ultrasound, NT report

Construction inspection project:

1. Conventional projects: height, weight, blood pressure, etc.

2. Blood test: blood routine, blood type, coagulation function

3. Other examinations: urine routine, B -ultrasound, fetal heart, etc.

When the file is built, you will receive a "Mother and Child Health Manual". In the future, your check -up results and personal information will be recorded in the book

6. Tang’s screening (16 weeks of pregnancy)

Mainly screening the risk value of 21 tritenal syndrome and 18 trisomy syndrome. This item C is a congenital birth defect caused by chromosomal variation.The accuracy of Tang’s screening is about 70%.

The difference between Tang Si and non-invasive: non-invasive DNA can check Tang’s syndrome (21-trisomy syndrome), Edward Syndrome (18-trisomy syndrome), Potato syndrome (13-trisomy syndrome)The accuracy rate of risk can reach more than 95%.If the non -invasive DNA is positive (that is, there is abnormalities), the amniotic fluid puncture is required to investigate.

, ️ Special reminders, many places Tang Si and non -invasive DNA have free coupons. Moms should find out in advance.

Seven or four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound (22-24 weeks of pregnancy)

That is, we often say that the abnormal abnormalities will check whether the fetal organs are developing deformity, as well as the condition of amniotic fluid, placenta position, whether to around the neck, etc., and will give a baby outline photo.

:️ Wang Yi: You can bring some food. If the baby does not cooperate, you can eat something in moderation and let the fetus turn to the appropriate position.

4. Sugar resistance, also known as sugar sieve (24 weeks of pregnancy)

This test is mainly to screen for pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes.Harm: If there are gestational diabetes in the early pregnancy, it will easily cause baby deformity, stop development, and eventually lead to abortion.

一️ Note: After 20 o’clock the night before the night, water forbidden water, fasting in the morning, oral sugar water, drinking blood within 5 minutes, one hour after drinking sugar water, 2 hours after 2 hours of blood draw again again

8. Symptoms of production and delivery to be hospitalized

1. Significant signs of production

(1) contraction: deflection every 5 or 6 minutes, more than 30 seconds at a time

(2) Seeing red: You can observe a small amount of red at home.

(3) Water break: You need to lie down immediately and raise your hips, and dial 120

(4) Frequent urination: The feeling of thinking of urinating increases

(5) Fetal movement decreases: The frequency of baby’s fetal movement is reduced

2. To be admitted to the hospital


Use two fetal heart monitoring bands to monitor the frequency of the palace, open the palace mouth to 2-3 fingers, and prepare to enter the delivery room to communicate with the doctor.

(2) Caesarean section

Do blood tests, B -ultrasound and other examinations.The operation was on the second day of hospitalization and fasting for 8 hours before surgery.At the same time, do fetal supervision, preparation of skin, hanging water, etc.

重要️ In addition to these important inspections, other check -up must be done on time.Check every two weeks after gestational weeks, and move several fetal movements every day in the second trimester.

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