Why should I get pregnant from the last menstruation?Master this method and teach you to calculate the due date

When women are pregnant until the third trimester, doctors will give pregnant women with the due date. It is not only convenient for Baoma to prepare for psychological preparation, and on the other hand, it can also alleviate the tension of Baoma.But what does the doctor calculate the due date of Baoma?First of all, mothers need to know how to calculate the date of pregnancy.

When should you get pregnant?Some Baoma will admit that it will be calculated from the last ovulation period. Some mothers think that it should be calculated from the last date of the same room. In fact, the correct algorithm is to be pregnant from the first day of the last menstruation.

And the first day of the last menstrual period refers to the first day of the last menstrual period, not the first day of walking.Doctors calculate the pregnancy weeks of Bao Ma’s pregnancy, and the estimated due date is also calculated based on the first day of the last menstrual period.This calculation is actually the most accurate.That’s why it is calculated in this way.

Keep in mind this formula, you can also calculate the due date.

How to calculate the due date: The expected month = month-3 or +9 (month> 3 (month> 3, <3 of the month <3).Due date = date +7.

For example: The first day of the last day of Bao Ma’s menstrual period is May 21, the expected month is 5> 3, and the direct -3 is fine, that is, February.

The menstrual date is 21 on the 21st, direct +7 (21+7 = 28), and the addition is around February 28.The reason why it is said is because the due date is only a approximate value, and the difference between the difference between the front and rear is very normal. Because each individual is different, it cannot be determined to a certain day.After mastering the above algorithms, mothers can even estimate the due date, whether it is very convenient.

One: Reduce out

After the due date, the mothers should try to reduce unnecessary going out, so as not to suddenly mobilize the child. Even if it is necessary to go out, try to travel with family as much as possible. Moms in the third trimester of pregnancy should take more rest. Try to fluctuate as much as possible.Too big.

Two: Prepare to be given a bag

Another is that if the mothers have nothing to do in the third trimester, they can prepare the due package. If the mother feels that she has no experience and I don’t know what to prepare, I can ask the mother who had had a fertility experience, or my mother -in -law, or her mother -in -law, or mother -in -law, or mother -in -law, or mother -in -law, or mother -in -law, or mother -in -law, or mother -in -law, or mother -in -law, or mother -in -law.Mom and other elders give a reference opinion. The preparation of the production bag is also prepared in advance to make Baoma not be in a hurry.

3: Pay attention to observe physical condition

The most important point is that the mothers are in the third trimester of pregnancy. We must pay attention to their physical conditions. Remember whether there is any view of redness, contraction, and water breaking. The order of these three phenomena is different.The order is also different.

Contraction: Generally, in the late pregnancy, mothers will feel the regular twitching of the uterus. At the beginning, the frequency is low. Later, with the growth of time, this pain will gradually strengthen, which is also one of the phenomena of the pelvis.

Seeing red: Seeing the red as the name is that pregnant women will have a small amount of bleeding. If this phenomenon has less blood, pregnant women do not have to worry too much, but if the blood volume is large, they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Water break: Popular water breaks are the breeding of amniotic fluid, and amniotic fluid is a very important material for the fetus. Generally speaking, it is pale yellow or close to transparency. Moms must pay more attention to the third trimester.

The above three are characteristic of the pelvic. Moms in the third trimester must pay more attention. Any phenomenon should communicate with the doctor as soon as possible to avoid accidents, especially novice mothers.

Parenting message:

Pregnancy and having children are a journey of many women. If mothers want to have a healthy baby, they can finally prepare for pregnancy in advance, scientifically nourish their fetuses during pregnancy, supplement nutrition, and observe their physical condition during the third trimester. After the child is born,Moms should also pay more attention to postpartum recovery. While loving their family and children, they must also pay attention to love to protect themselves.

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