Why should the pregnant mother stay on the left after pregnancy?The most terrible understanding

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After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have heard of sleeping on the left, but they do not know why they do this, often blindly followed.So that I couldn’t sleep well at all.

No, I met a pregnant mother yesterday. After hearing her, she said that she had to sleep on the left side when she was pregnant.You should know that she was a casual woman before, where would she be bound by such trivial matter.But now, when she hear so many benefits of sleeping on the left side, her motherly love is also flooding.But sleeping should have relaxed the body and relieve fatigue.Since I started to sleep on the left side, she woke up every morning, and she was sore and uncomfortable.Moreover, he was always worried that he would press the fetus after falling asleep.

Well, I really encountered a lot of pregnant mothers. I only knew that sleeping on the left side was good for the fetus, but I didn’t know why I had to sleep on the left and when I started to sleep on the left side.Here is a simple secret about sleeping on the left side of pregnancy.

After pregnancy, do I need to insist on sleeping on my left side during pregnancy?How long does it take to sleep on the left after pregnancy?

This is estimated that many pregnant mothers are more concerned and confused.Pregnant mothers should know that in the early pregnancy, the baby’s baby had just settled in his belly.When entering March of pregnancy, the fetus is 3-10 cm long and weighs about 4-40 grams, which looks the same as the plum.

Although it will feel when the foreign object touches the stomach of the pregnant mother, it is not very sensitive.Therefore, at this stage, pregnant mothers do not need to insist on sleeping on the left side. How to sleep comfortably and how to come to pay attention to the sleeping position too deliberately, but will lengthen the pain of pain during pregnancy.However, it should be noted that at this time, pregnant mothers can try to change some bad sleeping habits, such as often staying up late and like to hold dolls to sleep.

However, with the growth and development of the fetus, the abdomen of the pregnant mother will gradually bulge.Especially after five months of pregnancy, the sleeping posture of pregnant mothers will become very important. In other words, the pregnant mother can start to sleep on the left.

So what are the benefits of sleeping on the left side during pregnancy?Why is it not suitable for pregnant women?

Sleeping on the left side of pregnancy can reduce the increasingly increasing uterine compression of the lower limb vein and improve the degree of right rotation of the uterine rotation in the middle and late pregnancy.In this way, the normal blood flow of the uterine vein can be maintained, and the placenta can obtain sufficient blood supply, providing sufficient nutrients and oxygen for fetal baby, which is very beneficial to the growth and development of the baby.In addition, symptoms such as edema during pregnancy and hypertension during pregnancy can be reduced.

If pregnant mothers often lie flat and sleep, it is easy to have a hypotension syndrome in supine positions, such as: dizziness, chest tightness, pale face, nausea, etc.The fetus is also prone to ischemia.Especially pregnant mothers with hypertension during pregnancy often sleep on supine positions, which can easily aggravate or induce the onset of the disease, and even induce eclampsia.

It is necessary to remind here that if the pregnant mother suffers from heart disease, heart failure, or a natural uterine left -handed, then don’t be stupid to insist on sleeping on the left.Otherwise, it is easy to aggravate the burden on the heart and the degree of the uterus to the left, which is not only good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.


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