Why would someone would rather "do drug flow" and not go to the hospital to "do people"?Don’t take it seriously

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Recently, some netizens sent a private message in the background. It seemed very anxious. After reading it carefully, it was found that this was a distressing story.

Xiaojia is only 19 years old this year. Although she is already an adult age, it seems that the words are not mature. Perhaps it is precisely because of this immature that she is unexpectedly pregnant.

Xiaojia has a boyfriend. She found that she was pregnant and she was still in school. She was still in school. She was pregnant when she was young. She was known by her family who had no good fruit. So Xiao Jia and her boyfriend decided that the child did not want it.

But the little couple did not do surgery, and she was worried about leaving files. Finally, she decided to flow, and they could do it at home. They felt no danger or pain.

But Xiaojia tossed for several days, and the child did not come out, but her body had a lot of blood. Xiaojia saw this situation and was scared to cry every day. In the end, there was no way to go to the hospital for abortion surgery.

In fact, there are many people who choose like Xiaojia. They are not older and do not know how to protect themselves. If accidents occur, they always want to "solve problems" in a concealment method. However, the final result is often more guilty.Body.

Xiaojia’s problem is not only no consciousness of contraceptives, but she does not know how to protect herself. When she is not paying attention, the doctor can help you, whether it is medicine or abortion.

If it is just because of the face and do not want to be shameful, the abandonment of the people who give up safety chose to take the drug at home. The consequences may not be able to bear it.

Simply put, the drug flow is a drug abortion. The use of drugs to terminate women’s pregnancy. Although there are relatively few people, it is now widely used in clinical aspects.

Main principles: injections or medicines used in drug abortion will cause uterine molten necrosis to fall off. When the uterus starts to shrink, the embryo will be excreted from the body.Due to the lower abdomen pain caused by uterine contraction, it will vary from person to person.

Although it is convenient to listen to the medicine flow, it still has great risks. For example, the abortion of drugs is only suitable for pregnant women within 49 days of pregnancy. An accident will occur if the fetus is too large. The consequences may be serious.

According to data, the failure rate of drug abortion is 75%, and the risk is very high. If the pregnant woman cannot excrete the embryo after 8 days of medication, the clearance surgery needs to be performed.Sex will be higher.

In addition, the World Health Organization has pointed out that women in the world have lost their lives because of drugs, not only risks in the process of drug flow, but also many hidden dangers after the drug flow.

For example, some complications and other gynecological diseases are very unfavorable to women. Therefore, in order to ensure women’s health, contraceptive consciousness is very important.


Regardless of the other party rejection of condoms, female friends must persist, because condoms are one of the most effective contraceptive methods at present, and there is no impression on women’s bodies. As long as everyone guarantees hygiene problems in the process, it will basically not affect health.ligation

Although there are men ligated in many Western countries, there are many benefits to women’s ligation, because this is a method of labor and forever, and the impact on the body is definitely much less harmful than abortion.

However, everyone must also consider it, because this is an irreversible contraceptive method. If you want children in the future, it will be troublesome, so everyone chooses carefully, ligating is more suitable for women after marriage.

Mother Alpaca says:

Although people’s thoughts are becoming more and more open, female friends must also have awareness of protecting themselves. After all, the body is their own, and health is more important. Prevention must be safer than solving problems.It is responsible for yourself, and also responsible for a life.

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