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2020, May 20.

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Royal cemetery

This is the largest cemetery in the mirage. Here are the mountains and rivers, and I heard that it is also the best cemetery of Feng Shui.

The name is domineering and the price is not high. A cemetery is enough for others to fight for a lifetime.

A white -haired man stood in front of the tombstone and did not leave for a long time.

This man is not someone else, it is the real estate tycoon Yu Cheng.

In 2013, he sent his mother -in -law Ms. Ye Mei.

In 2015, he sent his father -in -law Jiang Haichuan.

In 2017, he sent away his father Yu Dafu.

Today, he sent his mother Pan Dafen again.

He buried all the four elderly people here. On the one hand, they could be companion, and the other was hoping that they would have a good place after death.Yu Cheng took three bow for each of them and turned away.

His mission in this life was completed, and he could finally go to her.

Yu Cheng came to the beach. This was the first time he and his wife Jiang Yuman met.

The two people’s oaths and mountain alliances, those happy days seem to be just yesterday.

He looked at the vast, and the turbulent sea water stepped step by step.

Soon, he was drowned in waves of waves.

"Head hurts……"

Yu Cheng only felt a headache, and the condition reflected and patted his forehead, and his head was a little sober.

Without the bitterness of the bitter seawater, he smelled a strong wine, and it was the kind of inferior wine.

When I touched my body, my clothes were dry, and I opened my eyes instantly.

Yu Cheng was surprised.What did he see?

Seeing a familiar leased house, seeing the wife who thought about it, sitting on the bedside, looking at himself disappointed, and his beautiful eyes showing sad eyes.

Yu Cheng discovered that he was not dead, but returned to 1996. This year he was 26 and his wife Jiang Yuman 23.

He climbed over and climbed over, hugging Jiang Yu Man sitting there.

Feeling the real temperature of the woman in his arms, he burst into tears.

The scenes of the past rushed into my heart.

He will never forget that day.

That day was June 12, 1996, the birthday of his wife Jiang Yuman, and gambling fascinated his mind, and he forgot everything.

That day he was off the night shift, drunk to go home, woke up, remembered the money he lost these two days, and he was uncomfortable. He decided to try his luck.

He glanced at Jiang Yuman, who was sitting there and stopped talking, and said to her: "I’ll go out."

Jiang Yuman shouted him before he was out of the door: "Yu Cheng, I want to tell you."

"What’s the matter when I come back and talk about it!" Yu Chenglou pulled away the door and walked out.

He went directly to the old place to play cards with a few friends, ten dollars, at the time, it was big, it was almost dark, and he did not go home.

The dozens of dollars in the pants pocket gambled.

At this time, his wife Jiang Yuman was found.

"Yu Cheng, go home!" Jiang Yuman pulled his sleeves carefully.

"Wait for it, then go home and wait." Yu Cheng said impatiently.

His hands are not good, your mood is not good, and your tone is naturally bad.

He just asked the boss to pay 300 yuan wages. The place where he went to work was a small casting machinery factory. To put it bluntly, it was a processing plant.

This factory is very close to this small sales department, and many singles Han like to play cards here.

Jiang Yuman didn’t go, but pulled his sleeves again: "Yu Cheng, the sky is almost dark, let’s go home! I have something to tell you!"

"You are annoying!" Yu Cheng roared impatiently.

"Yu Cheng, you lose, give money, ten pieces." One of the friends named Masaki shouted.

"What is the name? Lao Tzu will have less you." Yu Cheng roared back in an angrily, and then threw the ten dollars directly onto Azi’s face.

Mazi didn’t mind Yu Cheng’s attitude badly, and put the money into the crotch with a smile.

Jiang Yuman had gone his face, and he hid behind Yu Cheng.

"Masaki, do you put the money in that ghost, is it smelly?" Another brand friend shouted.

"Putting it here, there are several hands and feet in the dormitory. You are so smelly, I don’t think I don’t think of how much I receive." Masaki didn’t feel embarrassed at all, but instead said righteousness.

Everyone listened to him, so he didn’t speak.

Indeed, they are all dormitories in the factory, which are basically from other places. No one knows anyone, and it is indeed some people lose money.

Everyone no longer entangle this and continue to play cards.

Yu Cheng lost another one, and this did not throw one more.

"Damn, it’s so obscure, I lost several times." Yu Cheng was so angry.

"Can you not be obscure? Which old man played a woman with a woman!" Mazi said uncomfortably.

"Yu Cheng, don’t you play today, go back with your daughter -in -law! Otherwise, you will lose more miserable later." Yu Cheng had a strange wife, and now someone adds a fire.He is even more angry.

"Zhang Kai, do you want to run if you make money?" Yu Cheng scolded.

"Who wants to run away, Yu Cheng, your boy doesn’t lose money, just bite people like a crazy dog here." Zhang Kai was not vegetarian, and he wanted to fight with his sleeves.

Jiang Yuman looked at it, very worried, pulled Yu Yucheng’s arm.

Yu Cheng was young and vigorous, loved his face, shook his hand, and slapped Jiang Yuman to the ground.

At this moment, both of them froze.

Although he loved gambling and bastard, he never hit her.

Seeing that a few friends saw that things were not good, they persuaded a few words, and they were all scattered.

Yu Cheng wanted to pull her, and couldn’t pull her side, and thought that if she hadn’t lost so much money today, she would not lose so much money.

The guilt in my heart was left out of the clouds."I let you go home and wait, you just don’t listen."

"If you go back, will I lose so much money?"

"You are a broom star."

Yu Chengkou scolded unobstructed, and he couldn’t see Jiang Yu Man, who was sitting on the ground with tears.

Jiang Yuman didn’t speak, but slowly stood up and left.

Yu Cheng was on his head and did not chase.

At this moment, he didn’t know that his wife had already conceived his flesh, and did not know that she didn’t eat a day.

Because there was no rice or dish in the family, all the money was gamble by him.

When he returned home with drunk, he lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

He did not find that Jiang Yuman was not at home, but sat on the top of the building for a night.

The next day, after he woke up, he found that Jiang Yuman was not in the room, and the door was opened.

He found that things were wrong and went out.

"Yuman … Where are you?"

"Yu Man …"

No one responds.

At this time, he suddenly heard the quarrel in front and ran out.

Many people are there …

"Why did this woman jump off the building at a young age?"

Yu Cheng is still thinking about who can not open the building so much!

It’s better to die.

Next, someone said a word and completely scared him.

"It seems that it is Yu Chengsuko, who lives on the first floor!"

Yu Cheng first froze for a while, reacted, and immediately opened the crowd and rushed in.

He saw the fleshy Jiang Yuman lying there without life, all of which were blood on the whole body.He ran over, kneeling on the ground, holding her, and shouting: "Rain, you wake up … you wake up …"

But no matter what he called, she ignored him.

Later, I was taken to the hospital, and the doctor said directly: "She has lost her life characteristics."

after that……

He quit gambling and never touched it again.

There is no remarriage, even if there are a lot of money in the back.

His wife was the only daughter, so he gave his parents filial piety to his parents until they ended up.

He didn’t expect God to give him a chance to re -live.

Yu Cheng is full of gratitude at this moment.

Very good!

Wife is still alive.Jiang Yuman wanted to push Yu Cheng away, and the wine smelled her uncomfortable.

"Wife, wife …" Yu Cheng choked and shouted twice.

God is really good to him.

The day when he returned to his wife jumping off the building, he didn’t go to bet, and he was just drunk.

Although Jiang Yuman felt that Yu Cheng was a bit different today, he didn’t think much.

"Yu Cheng, go to take a bath first, there is a stove …" Jiang Yuman ran into the public bathroom before saying, vomiting.

Yu Cheng immediately reacted that his wife was pregnant. When his wife jumped off the building for more than a month, his wife had been pregnant, but he did not know as a husband.

Thinking of this, he slapped himself and scolded: "Isn’t it a person?" Then he quickly took the washbasin, poured the hot water on the stove, and filed the temperature, and then hung up behind the door.I took a wash towel on the rope and passed.

Twisted the towel and handed it over, and Jiang Yuman, who spit out the bitter water, looked at Yu Cheng so intimate.

When did Yu Cheng become so gentle and gentle, I probably remember that there were so many times when they were in love!

"Wash your face quickly! This will be more comfortable." Yu Cheng saw Jiang Yuman there, and said with a busy smile.

At this time, Sister Zhang, who rented the first floor, came over. Yin and Yang said weirdly: "You are close to the two, go back to the house, and what to do with this bathroom?"

Zhang Xiaoli named Zhang Xiaoli, and they were rented on a floor. Her man eats public meals. State -owned enterprises, I heard that they are about to divide a two -bedroom and two -living house immediately.Mud legs, also drinking and gambling.

She even looked down on Jiang Yuman, obviously a city or only daughter, for the sake

Such a mud, make yourself look like this.

I don’t know if it’s blind, how can I look at Yu Cheng this kind of man.

Except for a good skin, nothing is nothing.

Jiang Yuman’s face was thin, and she smiled embarrassedly at Zhang Xiaoli: "Sister Zhang, I’m going out."

Jiang Yuman took the towel in Yu Cheng’s hand, sideways, and put the washbasin in the public sink by the way.

The sink is also public, one floor.

Jiang Yuman washed his face, but his tears fell without angrily.

I was afraid that others would see it, and hurriedly rubbed the towel again and covered their faces so that others could not see it.

"Sister Zhang, I heard that your house has been divided into a house, and it will be moved away in a few days." Yu Cheng asked as a chat.

After speaking, Yu Cheng returned to the house and poured a glass of boiling water from the hot water bottle to Jiang Yuman: "Wife, drink some warm water."

Jiang Yuman was not very suitable when he heard his wife’s two words. Yu Cheng rarely called her like this, but he still picked the enamel cup with a docile manner.

As soon as Zhang Xiaoli heard Yu Cheng asked the house where their family divided, he immediately flirted: "It is divided, but it is not so fast, it is estimated that it will be over the New Year?"

"That is to live here for half a year!" Yu Cheng helped to wash the towel in the sink, twisted dry water, and hung on the clothes rope outside.

"Yes!" Zhang Xiaoli didn’t think so much, so he should.

"That being the case, is the bathroom here, is the sink be shared by everyone?" Yu Cheng asked again.

"That’s naturally …" Zhang Xiaoli finally understood what Yu Cheng wanted to say.

This is to blame himself to squeeze his daughter -in -law. When will Yu Cheng protect his wife like this?

"Wife, do you hear what Sister Zhang said?

Jiang Yuman bowed his head and held back, but nodded smoothly, and was a little moved in his heart.

Zhang Xiaoli was angry with teeth, but she could only bear it.

Suddenly, he saw the enamel cup in Jiang Yuman’s hand, and the boiling water inside was still hot with smoke.

My heart is sore again.

"Xiao Man, do you really hurt you?" Zhang Xiaoli said sourly.

The conditions of their own men are good, but they will not hurt people.

Even if it doesn’t hurt people, it will be provided like ancestors.

Her man is like an uncle on weekdays. She dresses and eats, her face, wash her feet, and her feet must be served well. When she is in a bad mood, she will hit her.

She dare not resist …

"My daughter -in -law, I naturally hurt, protect it." Yu Cheng said deliberately.He would let everyone on the entire floor know that Yu Cheng hurt his wife and guarded his wife. Who would dare to bully in the future.

"It hurts the daughter -in -law, protects the daughter -in -law, but it is not eaten every day tofu and vegetables. One day, make a bowl of braised pork for your daughter -in -law, is that it hurts the daughter -in -law? Who wouldn’t bragging!Come back.

Yu Cheng heard these words, stopped, and his face was very unsightly.

Jiang Yuman looked at Yu Cheng worriedly, fearing that he would lose his temper with others.

Yu Cheng didn’t want to lose his temper, and he didn’t get angry. He just hated that he didn’t live a good life for his wife.

At first, his wife ignored his parents’ opposition to marry him. In order to marry him, his father -in -law and mother -in -law were so angry that he had a relationship with the rain.

In the past two years, his wife missed her parents, but did not mention a word, but he still could see it, just as he didn’t know.

Is he really a human?

His father -in -law and mother -in -law saw that people were really accurate, and he was really a thorough bastard.

If it wasn’t for rebirth once, if his wife grew him with death, he would only be a liquor and gambler.

"Yu Cheng …" Jiang Yuman screamed gently, why did she see Yu Cheng crying.

Yu Cheng put away his emotions and said with a smile, "I’m fine."

"Wife, who said we didn’t eat braised pork, today we eat braised pork, not only to eat braised pork, but also to eat pork rib soup. Not only do you want to eat today, when do you want to eat, I will give you to eat for you to eat in the future","

Yu Cheng’s remarks are not only to listen to Zhang Xiaoli outside, but also listened to the entire floor, but also to his wife.

Zhang Xiaoli snorted in her heart: "Black skin, today I wait for the braised pork you made."

You must know that you live on the same floor, no matter which one has made braised pork, but the fragrance can hear any household.At that time, most of the pigs were eating wild vegetables and vegetables. Sweet potato vines were accompanied by rice bran to feed pigs.

The pork is fragrant.

Everyone was holding the lively mood and waited.

Not a few people say what he said.

Even Jiang Yuman didn’t take it seriously, just when he asked for face, just talk about it.

After all, Yu Cheng was a gambler, and the salary was not enough for him.

And she was so money for a month, and she had to help her parents from time to time from time to time.

There is basically no money in the middle of the month.

Each month also pays for water and electricity costs, as well as coal ball money, and also eats, and all kinds of costs are not enough.

Yu Cheng has no money to get home at all since he is obsessed with gambling, and he never cares about these.

So she did n’t dare to ask her children for two years. She did not expect that she was pregnant this time. Yesterday she spent a dollar to buy a pregnancy test paper. I did n’t expect to be pregnant.

The two entered the house, Yu Cheng’s face was placed on the wooden shelf, and then took the enamel cup in Jiang Yuman’s hand and placed it on the table of eating.

He supported Jiang Yuman to the bed, holding her hand, and Zhenzhi’s promise: "Wife, you believe me, I will let you eat braised pork every day." Jiang Yuman looked straight at Yu ChengHe said that she would afford red roasted meat every day in the future, and did she hear it.

Now there are only the two couples in the room, and there is no need to support face.

Yu Cheng does not explain, because no matter how many explanations are, it is not as persuasive as actual actions.

Wife does not believe that he is normal.

Who made myself so bastard before?

He said silently in his heart: "Wife, this life, I will let you live a good life."

"Wife, take a break first, I go to the vegetable market to buy some meat and vegetables." Yu Cheng touched the dozens of dollars in the pants pocket. Fortunately, it was a bit of money.

"Yu Cheng, you …" Jiang Yuman wanted to ask him if he had money to buy meat?

She really thought he was joking.

"Don’t worry, I have the money to buy meat." Yu Cheng thought about her birthday today, and I would buy a birthday cake back later.

After speaking, Yu Cheng went to check the rice barrels and oil pots, and found that the rice was gone, and there were not many oils in the oil pot.

Open the cover, there are only half a bowl of tofu soup inside, even the oil star is not visible.

He rarely goes home to eat, and he is playing cards outside, eating two boxes of lunch outside.

Although it is a box lunch, there is also a salted duck egg, a bit of minced meat stir -fried peppers, a vegetable, a large box full of rice.

They are working in a small city -Jota, which is not as consumer than those big cities in the north.

Yu Cheng saw the half bowl of tofu soup on the table, and his heart was not tasteful, staring at there for a long time.

Jiang Yuman saw Yu Cheng standing there and didn’t move for a long time, thinking that he was going to lose his temper again, and he felt that the vegetables were not good.

Then he said, "Yu Cheng, I just got a little bit … I sent some money to my hometown this month, so …"

Yu Cheng turned his face and smiled: "It’s okay. In the future, I will send money to the past."

Jiang Yuman listened for a while, thinking that he would be unhappy, but he didn’t expect him to say that.

She was puzzled, but nodded: "Hmm!"

What he was thinking was that he loved gambling so much, how could he still have money to send back.

"Then I went to the vegetable market to buy food first, and it was not new when the food was late." Yu Cheng walked over and took a bamboo basket in the corner.

This bamboo basket was written by his father, let them bring one over.

Jiang Yuman nodded, Yu Cheng walked over and gently printed a kiss on her forehead, and then went out with the vegetable basket.

Jiang Yuman touched the place where Yu Cheng kissed, a little unreal.

Regarding her husband’s suddenly getting thoughtful, she was inexplicable and surprised, but she was afraid that this was shaking her head and not thinking about it.

I wanted to tell him that he had nothing to say about his pregnancy.

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