Wife who likes to raise pets, I found a bow -shaped worm in February of pregnancy!How to save it?

Many "expectant mothers" raised cute pets before preparing for pregnancy, and it was very difficult to wait until she really wanted to prepare for pregnancy.

Because we listen the most is "the bow of cats and dogs", so the expectant mothers don’t want to give up pets and want to be healthy, it is a dilemma.Just like a while ago, the fans of Rong’s pet started to help: there are pets at home, and they want to prepare for pregnancy.Do you really want to give a dog?

Before solving this fan problem, let’s briefly analyze:

1. Where does the bowworm from cats and dogs come from?

2. How to transmit toxoplasma to expectant mothers?

3. How to prevent arch -shaped worms?

4. How to deal with your own cats and dogs!

Let ’s answer them one by one. Many users on the Internet are puzzled. If you check the examination during pregnancy, you find that you have a bow -shaped worm (but you find a bowworm in February of pregnancy! How to save it?) What should I do?

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Let’s talk about an outsider first

We all know that "eugenics" is an important measure to improve the quality of the population, so we must do well before marriage, pre -pregnancy inspections, and inspection.Among them, pre -pregnancy examinations have become particularly important, and toxoplasma is one of the tests.It has a great impact on the health of the fetus, but even if a pregnant woman is infected with a bowworm, it cannot be 100%determined that the fetus will be infected, but it will increase the probability.Therefore, whether the child can do it, in addition to consulting the doctor, it depends on his choice.

So in order to avoid being entangled by these troubles, let’s first understand this "bow -shaped worm"

Generally, the cats and dogs we are raised by our own circle will not have toxoplasma, because they will be vaccinated and deworming by the owner to take the hospital.And usually eat and diet is relatively single and hygienic, such as cat food, dog food, canned snacks.After high temperature sterilization treatment, it is sealed.

Only cats and dogs ate raw meat, such as ranging cats eating mice.The arch -shaped worm on the mouse will breed in the cat’s body, and finally the cat is discharged from the body through the feces.Cats are the ultimate host of Toxoplasma, because only in the body of cats, the "capsule" for infection can be formed, and the dog is the middle host and will not discharge the bowworm out of the body.

What we want to focus on is that the cute cat is ~

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As mentioned above, the final host of the Toxoplasma is a cat.Therefore, the probability of a cat for cats will be greater.The specific infection pathway is relatively complicated. Cats discharge the egg -shaped eggs out of the body through the feces. If this happens to help the mother to help the cats shovel, the eggs on the shit are stained on the expectant mother’s hands and eaten by the expectant motherIn the mouth, it will cause the quasi -mother’s body to infection.

So if you want a healthy baby, the expectant mother will stay away from the cat.

Staying away is not equal to staying away from away from discarding and staying away.

Emphasized things three times!IntersectionIntersection

After talking about this sentence, there is another large group of people who go home and throw cats …

Specific mothers need to keep a certain distance from cats:

1) Don’t make intimate contact with the cat

2) Do not let cats and expectant mothers a room to avoid hair from getting on.

3) Don’t let the expectant mother shovel. This work is left to the prospective dad to do it.

Of course, parents can also allow their parents to support it for a year, and wait until the baby is born before picking up the cat.

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【Fighting Pets】

Follow the "How to transmit toxoplasma to the expectant mother?"Method.

Secondly, the cats and dogs at home should follow the principle of "feeding cooked food and drinking cooked water".

[Diet method] Don’t learn foreign friends to eat. We only eat ten mature meat, especially pork, beef and mutton.The expectant mothers eat barbecue, to ensure that the inner and outer layers of the meat should not have a trace of blood.I have nothing to do, I want to cook.If you touch raw meat, remember to wash your hands after touching.Cut raw meat from cooking, and wash the cutting board and tool with boiling water after use.Fruit and fruits must be cleaned and eat.Do not drink milk without disinfection.

Summary of Rong Chong: Being a mother is not an easy task, thank all mothers here for their hard work.

Now cats and dogs are like our family,

Accompany us when we are lonely;

Accompany us when we are sad;

Accompany us when we are bored;

In short, with these cute pets, it seems that every day is colorful and so happy.

Pets are our family and children.We are unwilling to hurt any party.So if you are a prospective mother, please give me some cats and dogs to your parents for a while.

If it is a family that parents are not around, they will be complete and drink normally in the pet vaccine.Take expectant mothers and pets to do a bow -shaped insect inspection and place healthy pets in a corner of the second bedroom or room.Prepare to isolation with expectant mothers, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.I won’t worry myself.

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But remember: Don’t discard, don’t discard it, don’t discard it.

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