Wife who was six months pregnant, scolding my parents in person in person!

I got married in January this year. Until now, the baby baby has just been six months old and has not been born. I have a slow personality, soft, and my wife is very anxious.The family directly asked me and my mother to roll, and at night, I changed my best to scold my dad **. I endured anger in my heart. She was still a pregnant woman.

Our family does not pay attention to her, and I do n’t feel bad when the blind date. I can say that I can talk about themselves and be diligent. Then I went to her house, engaged, and pregnancy (accident)., The down payment was given by my parents, I took 10,000 itself. Her family did not go out. The two of us were often outside.Mom hasn’t used mobile phones, and has no mobile phones. Honesty is honest with rural housewives. Without a little heart, I will not wait for people. I don’t have to say that my dad is not about to call in the end.The phone was booming and asking for warmth, I explained many times with her, and I am not happy every time.

Let’s talk about two things. The day before yesterday, my sister (six years old) came to play, and I didn’t dare to come in outside the door. After she opened the door, she said: "Hurry up, I am bored today,", I just put the child.I was frightened, and she quarreled with her at that time.

The second thing is today. Two days ago, I said that I wanted to eat chickens, and it must be a grass -raising chicken. It was not too late to buy meat chicken. Yesterday, my mother rushed to buy a grass chicken.I asked her to be hungry if she was hungry or not to eat chickens. She said that she would see it by herself. The child kept crying, and she felt that I would not listen to her.I scolded my family, remembering that it was near three o’clock, my mother was afraid that she would cook half of the chicken first. She was not happy when she went out. She yelled at my mother on the spot.Come out, cry, call her mother …, my mother saw that she couldn’t come out, and when she was angry and didn’t eat, she stood in front of the window and said, "I’m wrong, I am wrong, good boy come out for a meal."At least three times.This is the first time I have seen my mother so pitiful and asking for people. I am annoyed and angry, but when I think of my baby, I hesitated. I hate me. I really want to kick the door and teach her.

Then it was what my dad came back at night. My dad came back and asked her to eat. She didn’t speak, and asked without saying, and finally yelled, saying that we would not do things, do not pay attention toThe more louder, I can’t wait to see the fun in all neighbors. I am really enough. I want to divorce, but I am afraid that the child is not good. The child is not born yet.Can I hold back next time, and I don’t know if my parents can hold back …

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