Will breast fibroma be cancer?When will the tumor be surgically removed?The doctor gives the answer

Breast fibroma is a kind of benign tumor commonly used in young women. It is a tumor mixed with two components of glandular epithelium and fibrous tissue. Its occurrence is usually related to the disorders of patients’ sex hormones.

The occurrence of breast fibroma is closely related to estrogen levels. Some patients have extremely strong ovarian function, and the level of estrogen is very high. Once the body has an imbalance in regulation and is sensitive to estrogen, it will cause the breast epitheliumOrganizational and fibrous tissues produce excessive hyperplasia and structural disorders as a result.

It is precisely because of the characteristics of breast fibroma due to hormone levels that it grows more on young women with strong estrogen secretion, and rarely appear on women who have menstruation or after menstruation.

At present, research believes that long -term work, staying up late, and high brain labor intensity, unreasonable work and rest is an important factor that induce endocrine disorders.

Long -term endocrine disorders are likely to induce breast fibroma. Therefore, women with stressful workplace and women who often feel sullen are women with breast fibroma.

Breast fibroma is usually discovered after touched the lumps or medical examinations during the breast self -examination.

Because many times, mammal fibroma has rarely other symptoms except for blocks.

Only a few breast fibroma can cause breast pain and breast overflow.Women who find breast hyperplasia are usually found in the breast in the examination or the physical examination. Sometimes they may be at the same time on both sides, but sometimes they may only occur on one side.

First of all, not all breast fibroma must be eliminated. If a head is not particularly large and does not cause obvious discomfort symptoms, you can also choose conservative observation and regularly review observation changes.

But here is a reminder that women who want to get pregnant. During the pregnancy, the malignant risk of breast fibroma will increase, and there may be changes in sarcoma. This is because the level of estrogen during pregnancy rises, which may cause some badThe change.

To prevent this, women who prepare pregnant can choose to clean some breast problems and hidden dangers before pregnancy, which also helps children to breastfeed after birth.

But don’t be too nervous. There is no necessary relationship between breast fibroma and breast cancer.Simple breast fibroma rarely develops into breast cancer.

In addition to women who are pregnant, there are women over 40 years old, especially patients with breast fibroma who have discovered breast fibroma after menopause or after menopause. We must be alert to evil changes. For the insurance, you can choose to actively deal with fibroma.

It should be reminded that once the breast fibroma is formed, it is not possible for the drug to dissipate it. It can only be eliminated by surgery.

For some drugs that can disperse breast fibroma, massage can be scattered, breast fibroma, etc., please do not blindly believe that there are no such magical drugs and massage methods to treat breast fibroma, please pay attention to identification to identifyDon’t delay treatment.

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