Will it affect pregnancy with mold vaginitis?Mainly look at this

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Before giving birth, it is necessary to go to the pregnancy test.Pregnancy examinations can provide good health and safety examinations for unparalleled mothers, and can also effectively avoid the birth of babies with congenital diseases.However, during the pregnancy examination, some unbalanced mothers were unexpectedly learned that they had mold vaginitis, so they were very worried that they would affect their pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of mold vaginitis?

The most obvious symptom of this disease is that external itching is unbearable, and the degree of itching is light and heavy.In severe cases, it can even affect eating and sleeping, and it is more likely to have pain and pain and sexual intercourse pain.Another symptom is that the leucorrhea is increased and very thick, and it feels like a tofu residue.

Does mold vaginitis affect pregnancy?

In short, it will.Because the environment is very important during the vagina, and after suffering from mold vaginitis, the degree of acid and alkali of the vagina will change.Then, once this environment is destroyed, infertility is prone to occur.However, infertility caused by this situation is temporary, and after the disease is cured, it can still be pregnant normally.

How should mold vaginitis be prevented?

1. Avoid excessive cleaning the vagina

Do not clean your vagina in your usual life, just wash it with daily warm water.If you overwash, it will cause disorders in vaginal bacteria.However, when cleaning, you should remember to clean it with a special basin.

2. Choose suitable underwear

The choice of underwear is best made of cotton, which is more breathable and comfortable.In addition, when the secretions are not many, try not to use sanitary pads. If you have to use it, it is recommended to change it frequently to avoid breeding bacteria.

3. Healthy diet

Pay more attention to diet that a healthy diet can effectively improve the immunity of the human body.Therefore, you should eat less spicy and exciting foods, and the diet should be light and nutritious.

4. Sexual behavior should be hygienic

The most common way of infection in vaginal disease is through unclean sexual behavior.Therefore, when you want to have sex, you must pay attention to cleaning the sexual organs before the husband and wife are cleaned before it can effectively reduce the chance of the disease.

Do not panic with mold vaginitis when you are examined. As long as you actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, you can quickly heal.In daily life, you should pay more attention to the hygiene of the vagina and maintain a healthy diet and behavior habits.

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