Will it affect the fetus during pregnancy?

The vulva white spots can occur at any age of women, and even many expectant mothers have suffered from vulvar leukoplakia.In this regard, expectant mothers are very distressed and worry about whether the vulva white spots are inherited.Whether the vulva white spots affect the fetus, will the leukemia of the vulva be aggravated, etc. In response to the above questions, we will give you doubts and answers.

Question 1: Is the vulva white spots inherited?

The vulva white spot has a certain genetic chance, but not all patients with vulva white spots will be inherited to the offspring, and the chance of vulva white spots inheritance is only 5%-15%.Patients actively treat after illness and control the disease to a clinical cure. Generally speaking, it will not be inherited.

Question 2: Does the vulva white spots affect the fetus?

The vulva white spots are different degrees of lesions due to vulvar subcutaneous microcirculation disorders, which has no effect on the fetus itself.However, if pregnant women suffer from vulva leukoplakia, the skin elasticity of the vulva and vulva atrophy will affect the normal delivery of the fetus.

Question 3: Will pregnancy aggravate leukoplakia disease in the vulva?

Some patients will increase their condition.Clinical data shows that more than 80%of female patients do have more or less vulva white spots and worsening during pregnancy.

Question 4: Why does pregnancy increase the vulva white spots?

1. Endocrine disorders

During pregnancy, the mother needs to provide a large amount of nutrition of the fetus. The endocrine system of its own will also secrete raw prolactin, and the vaginal secretion will increase, which will increase the disease of the vulva white spots.

2. Psychological pressure

Patients with pregnant women have caused emotional instability or excessive psychological pressure due to pregnancy, which will cause hormone secretion and increase vulva white spots.

3. Decrease in immunity

Pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, such as anorexia, vomiting, etc., leading to imbalanced diet, malnutrition, lack of exercise, decline in immunity, have a certain impact on the condition.

Question 5: What should I do if pregnant women have vulva white spots?

1. Pay attention to pussy care

Pregnant women should pay more attention to the local cleaning of the vulva in the vulva, and need to keep the private parts dry, ventilated, and cool.

2. Diet conditioning

Pregnant women must have a reasonable diet to supplement nutrition during the illness, and under the guidance of doctors, they must supplement trace elements and vitamins, such as vitamin B vitamins, AD folic acid, copper, calcium zinc and iron, etc., which can improve physical resistance.

3. Keep your mood happy

During pregnancy, we need to pay attention to the regulation of life pressure and emotion, maintain emotional optimism, cheerful mood, and maintain adequate sleep.

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