Will it be easy to become ovarian cancer when checking ovarian cysts?The doctor finally said Da Shi!

Does ovarian cyst need to be treated?Just many women who check the ovarian cysts will first issue questions.If it is a physiological ovarian cyst, it can subspeges naturally, and the pathological ovarian cysts have no symptoms and a small ovarian cysts do not require special treatment.Wait, doctors may suggest that surgery eliminate.

Peng Dong, chief physician of the Gynecology of Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University, accepted an interview with family doctors. He mentioned that the probability of evil changes in pathological ovarian cysts is about 1%-10%.Some ovarian cysts may be a manifestation of early ovarian cancer when it comes out, but it did not pay attention to it at first; the other case was that the original pathogenic ovarian cysts were benign, but they may change later.Therefore, once the ovarian cyst is detected, it is still necessary to follow up and observe regularly.

Does the surgery of ovarian cysts need to remove the ovary?What will happen after resection?

Generally speaking, benign ovarian cysts are recommended to retain the ovaries when they are surgery.However, patients with large ovarian leather, no normal ovarian leather, ovarian cysts, patients with wickedness of ovarian, or menopause women are recommended to remove one -sided ovarian.

After removal of the ovaries, women’s bodies will be affected to some extent.Ovarian is the endocrine organs of women, with two major functions, one is secretion hormone and the other is ovulation.If the ovarian nest is removed, the effect of hormone secretion may not be obvious; the effect of secrete hormone is not necessarily obvious, but the impact on fertility is still relatively large, because she only has the other ovaries on the other side, and the fertility rate must be sureWill fall.If it is removed with bilateral ovarian, the estrogen stops secreting, and the symptoms of low estrogen will soon occur, such as menopausal symptoms and so on.At the same time, ovulation does not ovulate, which means that she cannot be able to regenerate.

Is the recurrence rate after ovarian cyst removal?

Different types of ovarian cysts have different probabilitys of recurrence, but they all have the chance of recurrence. Among them, the recurrence rate of ovarian chocolate cysts is relatively high, which can reach 40%-50%.Ovarian chocolate cyst is a manifestation of endometriosis.Endometriosis is a common disease of women. Ovarian chocolate cysts occur on the ovarian endometriosis, which is also called ovarian endometriosis cyst.Clinical manifestations are mainly changes in menstruation, infertility, and dysmenorrhea and sexual intercourse pain.Ovarian chocolate cysts are characterized by continuous increase. It will bleed once a month, and it will gradually increase.Although it is a benign cyst, it may have malignant performance, such as increasing aggressive growth. The entire pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity are scattered everywhere, reaching the intestinal tract, urinary tract and other parts, which need to be distinguished from ordinary ovarian cysts.

What to pay attention to after surgery?

1. For ovarian chocolate cysts, preventive methods are treated with drugs, such as gnrha inhibitors, oral contraceptives, etc., and drugs that suppress ovarian function.

2. For ordinary ovarian cysts, simple cysts, epithelial cysts, etc. At present, there are no means of drug treatment. The main thing is to monitor closely and dynamically, and regular review.

Will ovarian cysts affect fertility?What should I do if I find ovarian cysts during pregnancy?

In general, ovarian cysts will have a certain effect on the function of the ovaries, but it cannot be generalized.If the size of a unilateral cyst is relatively small, it does not affect normal endocrine and ovulation, then its impact on fertility will be smaller.However, if the volume of ovarian cysts is relatively large, the relatively few normal ovarian cortex will also affect endocrine function and ovulation function, which will affect fertility, such as may cause infertility, abortion after pregnancy, and so on.

If the ovarian cyst discovered during pregnancy, judge according to its symptoms, cysts, and stages of pregnancy.Ovarian cysts are found in early pregnancy. If the volume is relatively small, there is no symptoms, and the tumor indicator is normal and can be observed first; if the cysts increase after the absence of the cysts in the middle of pregnancy, you can consider surgical treatment; if the cyst is found after the late pregnancy, if the cyst is found, it is found in the cyst.In the case of exclusion of malignant, there is no acute abdomen to wait until the full moon is processed.

Precautions for the diet and life of ovarian cysts?

Women who discover ovarian cysts should pay attention not to exercise strenuously in daily life, especially when turning around, suddenly the sudden turning position may cause ovarian cysts to reverse. In this case, emergency surgery may be removed.Ovarian opportunities are relatively large.In terms of diet, pay attention to diet balance and light.

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