Will pregnant women have a miscarriage when eating crabs?Don’t be fooled, these 5 kinds of food can not be eaten, it will hurt the fetal treasure

Introduction: It is said that pregnancy cannot be eaten randomly, and the ancestors of the folk have left many taboos of diet during pregnancy. For example, if you are pregnant, you ca n’t eat pepper, and you will have fetal poison.Children have rabbit lips and do not eat crabs. In the future, the child walks sideways …

These generally, at least ten types of dietary taboos in different places, and Jing mother summarized five common diet taboos to rumors with everyone, let us eat delicious nutrients.

Chili is an indispensable food on the daily dining table in the central parts of Jiangxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Hunan, Hunan.Children will have fetal poison, and they are prone to long noses on their faces after birth.And Xiao He’s appetite in the early days, doctors also have to eat a lighter diet. It ’s okay not to eat pepper. In the middle of pregnancy, the appetite is better but crazy wants to eat chili.However, living with her mother -in -law, she also cooks every day, so it is impossible to eat pepper when eating.

Later, when Xiaohe had to go to work every day, he ordered chili when he was eating outside at noon. He went to a friend’s house and made a bottle of chili sauce in the room. He bought some bread or steamed buns from time to time.The room eats a steamed bun and bread.Later, the child gave birth to his son’s skin red and white, like Xiao He’s skin, without eczema nor other pimples, and his skin was very good.

People in Sichuan, Hunan and other places eat chili every day, and they ca n’t eat without chili, but the children there are not said that the skin is easy to grow after birth, and people in these places are generally whiter and better.Essence

In fact, the content of carotene and vitamin A in red peppers is high, and the carotene among 100 grams of red pepper is as high as 1146 micrograms.Green peppers are rich in vitamin C.Vitamin C in green peppers is higher than lemon.Vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron in the diet and make the skin of pregnant women more rosy.

These nutrients are helpful for the repair of the skin.However, there are pepperfill in chili, if you are not used to people who are not used to it, you will feel uncomfortable. If you have eaten peppers before you are pregnant, you can eat it after pregnancy.There is no need to eat it before.

There are three sayings that cannot be eaten by the mainstream of crabs:

1. Crab is relatively cold, which can cause contractions and cause abortion.

Like the mother of Jing on the side of the North Sea, the pregnant woman there will also eat crabs from time to time when she is pregnant, but the child can be born smoothly.

2. Pregnant women eat crabs, children are easy to walk sideways

Then do we eat pork every day if we walk around like a pig. There are many children in these cities in our country who do not see which one is walking sideways.

3. Pregnant women eat crabs and can poison

Some mothers may have no problem eating crabs before pregnancy, but they find allergies after eating, such as long rash and even diarrhea.

Like Jing’s mother, there was no allergies when she was not pregnant, but after pregnancy, she had eczema, and she had to wipe it with moisturizing oil every day. Once the company went out to eat and eat a crab.Looking at the doctor, I still remember that it was really uncomfortable when I was lining up to see a doctor.

Therefore, if pregnant women have no allergies before, there is no allergies after pregnancy. There is no problem in eating crabs. Crab contains high -quality protein, and the human body is easy to absorb and use. The vitamin A and vitamin E in crabs are the highest.It is also helpful for the development of the fetus.

Xiaoyu said that she went to eat rabbit meat hot pot with her husband for more than two months, and went out to eat rabbit meat the next day. My mother -in -law heard: I can’t eat rabbit meat when I am pregnant, otherwise it will become a rabbit lips. Xiaoyu scares.What should I do if I have eaten yesterday?

It is nonsense to eat rabbit meat to eat rabbit meat. If you eat rabbit meat, you will have rabbit lips, so do you change pork your pork head?Do you know how to eat lamb?

In fact, rabbit meat is a high -protein, low -fat food, and rabbit meat is not high but the lecithin content is high, and lecithin has a very important role in the development of the brain.

I am afraid that fat rabbit meat is a good choice during pregnancy.

Jing Mu suggested: There have been no problems after eating rabbit meat before. If you haven’t eaten before, you don’t need to eat it deliberately.

Kobayashi went to the birth check after pregnancy. The doctor said that it was a bit mild anemia. It was not very serious. For the time being, he did not need to take medicine. Let Kobayashi go back to eat the liver of animals and eat more beef.

Kobayashi said: Our hometown said that pregnancy is impossible to eat beef, otherwise children will be dumb.

In the past, Mother Jing’s aunt especially liked to eat beef when she was pregnant. Now that the child is naughty, her mother -in -law said that it must be because you eat too much beef during pregnancy. You see the child’s temper now.

Whether the child is dumb and eating beef is one thing that can’t be played together in the bars, and the child’s temper is related to heredity. Whether the child is difficult to teach is also related to the education of his parents.

If pregnant women are not allergic, beef is a good food for pregnant women: high protein and low fat, and blood and iron are particularly good.

Jing mother often recommends that pregnant women eat more beef, which can fried beef in green peppers. Green peppers have vitamin C and beef and iron, which promotes iron absorption.

Xiao Qing had a bad appetite in the early pregnancy. One day, he went to buy some hawthorn and came back to cook some water to drink, thinking about eating some hawthorn appetizers.A neighbor’s second sister came to the house to see her cooking hawthorn and said immediately: You can’t eat hawthorn when you are pregnant now, otherwise your child will have a miscarriage.There is also a eyes with a nose: A pregnant woman in her mother’s family is to eat hawthorn during pregnancy and cause miscarriage.

Some studies have found that hawthorn is extracted by ethanol immersion as an intravenous injection and experimented with rabbits, and it is found that there will be the effect of lowering blood pressure and contraction of the uterus.

However, intravenous injection and hawthorn are two different things. Eat it from the digestive tract. The amount of intravenous injection in my vein will be larger.No study found that eating hawthorn can cause miscarriage.

The cause of abortion of pregnant women is mainly related to the dysplasia of the embryo or the body of the pregnant woman itself.

So there is no problem with hawthorn appetite.

Of course, there are still many common pregnant women who say that they cannot eat actual foods. For example, they ca n’t eat ice cream, soy sauce, and persimmons.These are rumors.Mother Jing suggested that she had been eaten before she could eat it in moderation after pregnancy, as long as there was no problem.

1. Can’t drink

Alcohol will pass the placenta screen, and the fetal liver has no enzymes that can be solved. Drinking of pregnant women will affect the health of the fetus. In the embryo period, it may cause malformations. In the later period

2. Can’t take your own medicine

It is three poisonous medicine. Go to see a doctor with a disease. Do not take medicine by himself. In fact, in addition to eating folic acid, other drugs are recommended to use under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Can’t eat raw food

For example, it is not recommended to eat sashimi sashimi. It may be parasitic, and the eggs that are raw are not recommended to have Salmonella infection.And raw meat products may be polluted or parasitic.

4. Can’t eat foods that are allergic to yourself before

For example, if you are not pregnant, you have mango allergies before pregnancy, so do n’t think that after pregnancy, you can not be allergic to pregnancy. It may be more allergic, so do not eat food after pregnancy before pregnancy.

5. Do not eat foods with high metal high metals

Heavy metals have a poor effect on the development of the fetus, so do not eat foods containing heavy metals after pregnancy.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearly clearly listed by pregnant women with high mercury content with high sea fish, swordfish, king catfish, square fish/horse head fish, shark.

There are also some high -leading foods, such as turntable popcorn, pine eggs (also known as preserved eggs, and egg -changing). It is not recommended to eat pregnant women.

Mother Jing said: Mom is more scientific after pregnancy. When he hear the old man, you can think more about it. The food of pregnant women must be diversified to make the child healthier.

I am a mother of Jing, a girl’s mother, trainer in the mother and baby industry, the original author of the multi -platform, the physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, and psychological counselor of the childcare industry, providing childcare consulting for thousands of parents.I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing your baby!

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