Will pregnant women pass to the baby if they get urticaria?Expert: No!But pay attention to these 4 points!

What are the most afraid of pregnant women?What may be most afraid of getting sick is that one accident may affect the fetus.

Huang Shujiang, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of the People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, said that in addition to people with allergies, people with rhinitis, asthma, or pollen allergies, obese people, and people who often come into contact with a variety of allergies, Pregnant women are indeed high -incidence groups of urticaria.So what should pregnant women pay attention to urticaria?Let me explain the following.


1. Light diet

If pregnant women have urticaria, pay special attention to the first three months of pregnancy, such as eating more light foods in diet to avoid eating shrimp, crab, eggs, milk, etc.

2. Record the physical condition

Record your own physical changes, and see what the performance of the wind group is related to other factors of urticaria so that doctors can better diagnose and treat.

3. Precautions for taking medicine

It is best not to take medicine in the first three months of pregnancy, but if itchy will affect life, work or sleep quality, you can choose to take vitamin C, calcium, etc. If necessarySumid.

Three months later, you can choose other anti -group amines, such as dectidin, Sidalizine, etc. These drugs can be taken orally during pregnancy.

4. Hygiene and room temperature

According to your physical condition, keep the furniture clean and the temperature is appropriate.

Urticaria is transmitted to the baby?

What makes everyone puzzled is: Why do babies also have urticaria?Is it because urticaria is genetically genet?Deputy Chief Physician Huang Shujiang explained that urticaria does not affect pregnancy and will not be inherited to children. Only a few are inherited.

In addition, urticaria does not be contagious. It is just an allergic disease. It is no problem to have daily contact with patients and normal diet.

Why do babies have urticaria?

Infants and young children have urticaria, mainly because the baby’s immune system and skin barrier function have not been fully established, so it is extremely sensitive to external stimuli.

Generally speaking, the cause of urticaria in infants, including immune factors, instability of large cell membranes, and allergic foods.

Among them, allergic foods are the main reasons, such as additives in milk powder may have allergies.If it is really allergic to milk powder, buy low -sensitive milk powder or deep hydrolyzed formula milk powder.

In addition, if the baby always has symptoms of the respiratory tract, it depends on whether it is related to the infection and focus on the baby’s food.

How to prevent it?

If the temperature, diet, rest, etc. have received attention, it is easier to prevent urticaria, which is especially important for pregnant women.

1. Pay attention to diet

If you are chronic urticaria, you usually have light diet, and eat more vitamin C’s rich foods, or calcium.

If it is a high -protein food such as seafood, eggs, milk, etc., you must appropriately supplement according to your physical condition, and then consciously do a diet diary.

2. Room temperature and hygiene

For example, the indoor temperature should not be too hot and cold, because it will stimulate urticaria.

Then indoor hygiene should be cleaned to avoid dust, dust mites, pollen, mold, chemicals, plants and other allergens stimulating urticaria.

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Comprehensive: Family Doctor Online, Guangzhou Provincial People’s Hospital

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