Will the beautiful sheep in "Hi Sheep and Gray Wolf" have twin sisters?Boiling Goat: I have been looking forward to it for a long time

A long time ago, some netizens asked such questions, why do not let the beautiful sheep add one more twin sister in the likes of the sheep and the gray wolf?This is also interesting for the development of the plot and can open a new era.In fact, it is right, because the current protagonist of Xiwan is too fixed. Without the addition of other new members, there will be no fresh blood and it is difficult to break the deadlock.Therefore, in the sheep’s series, the director joined the ice sheep’s setting. His main purpose is to see if everyone can accept the new character to join Yangcun.Arrange a twin sister for beautiful goats?Let’s analyze it together.

01 Director will not arrange, after all, twin stalks are too difficult to play

In terms of definition, the hi goats and the gray wolf are a child. All the settings do not leave children. The IQ of this group of children, honestly, is not enough to pass on suspense plots, for example, the decisive battle is the second battle.The ending of the times, a lot of people did not understand, and the results of the double meaning would make netizens confused.If the director coupled with the beautiful sheep and sheep twin sister, the plot will be very brain -burning. You can never know who is the beauty sheep, once it is blackened, it will easily become a suspense film, just guess the beautiful sheep sheepThe true identity is very difficult.

This is to add a kind of fun, which also makes the plot blur, which will make many audiences unacceptable. In addition, some of the previous foreshadows can basically have no way to judge. The subsequent development will also give the crew to the crew. This will also give the crew to the crew.People add a certain difficulty.In fact, this idea is also very good, because twins can create countless farces, and it is estimated that even the enemy can’t distinguish the beautiful sheep.

02 For boiling goats, it is long -awaited

But if the beautiful sheep really has twin sisters, the biggest beneficiary is naturally boiling sheep. This is what he has been looking forward to.Boiling sheep still never gave up beautiful sheep. It can also be said that he was licking a man, but in another perspective, he was consistent.If there are twin sisters, boiling goats will usher in new hope. My sister is not sure, and she can start with her sister. Anyway, her face is the same and her body is similar.

Boiling goats harvest love, and then create a new role. Can this play soon develop in the long run?And it can continue to output new follow -up, which will make people linger.However, I think it is all impossible. Whether it is anime or a TV series, as long as it is a long story, it will involve a thunder zone that allows the protagonist’s family to reproduce new characters.In the minds, you can recognize the beautiful sheep, sheep, and sheep. The addition of other characters will make it unfamiliar with it and lose your childhood memories, so this play is over.

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