Will the ears "pregnant"?At the age of 9, she has childhood voice actors. She is the favorite of otaku

Children’s boots who like to watch anime will not be unfamiliar with voice actors, and the role of sound in two -dimensional anime is very important.If the sound of all kinds of hives is lost in anime, the value of the entire anime works will no longer exist.At first, the voice actors in the anime were actually a group of roles that only existed behind the scenes. Many people even watched anime for many years and would not impress some of them.Below I will introduce a voice actor sister with childlike face-Ito Sali.

Ito Sali was born in Chiba County on May 4, 1994.Representative works include "Transit Girls", "Night to Samsday" and so on.When he was nine years old in 2003, he first filmed the TV series "14 months ~ his wife changed back to children" officially entered the art world. Although the acting skills are still a bit immature, the female researcher who plays the body back to the girl is still qualifiedIt also became a temporary topic.

Being able to play the scenes of adults in the play very familiarly, they can grasp their personality characteristics well, and adults, and adults, with their acting skills and mood performances.Known as a genius.At the same time, as a dancer, in 2003, in the Children’s Group of Tokyo in ALL JAPAN DANCE Contest and the Children’s Group of the および サ サ ン リ オ dance competition, various winning records were still maintained.

The seemingly simple stripes, but the tight lines have an infinite sense of extension. It makes the body smaller unknowingly, but you do n’t believe you try it! Many girls will consider what color is the most white when choosing clothes.Many fashion tide people like to choose the yellow series items. This summer, it is pushed with yellow, very high -level colors. In the summer, choose such a yellow striped shirt skirt, which is dazzling and not very fancy.

Both boys and girls are suitable for cotton and linen style. Although cotton and linen are relatively monotonous, the colors will not be very eye -catching, with a white shirt inside, and the standard college style.With a well -designed canvas bag, the student party is exclusive.

White with green, it is very suitable for summer amazing and refreshing! The green and vibrant green with clean and tidy white refreshing and comfortable and temperament, like a green cluster, is actually really simple.

Pleated skirt is a very popular matching item. It can be used as a pleated skirt throughout the year.The length of the skirt is more than the coat, which can take into account the temperament of the coat and the elegance of the pleated skirt.The overall color is very harmonious. The color difference is not dull.

The printed dress with beauty and classics, the French style shows the liveliness of the girl in laziness, satisfying all romantic feelings.The butterfly tie method of the high waist wide belt is thin and thin, outlined a slender small waist.Putting on a pair of red pointed high -heeled shoes, the whole person was lengthened.

The contrasting grid skirt is a charming element ~, with the totem sweater, it feels gentle and graceful, elegant, loose sweater with a plaid skirt, age reduction, really beautiful.

Miss Sister Sister Sister, is this going to switch to eat?

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