Will the outflow of the "small tadpoles" after the same room affect good pregnancy?

Today, I will talk about a little shame. Many friends encountered such an embarrassing problem when preparing for pregnancy, that is, "After the popping, will it affect the good pregnancy?" I believe there must be more than one two friendsI feel puzzled by this question, will it affect it?

If you want to ask friends around you, mothers who are more pregnant and have already given birth to children will say "there will be no impact. We have also happened at the time, do you have children now?" But for those whoFor the patients who came to the auxiliary reproductive department of Ji’an City, for a long time of pregnancy, they have been pregnant but have not been able to conceive their children smoothly, and they will definitely worry about it. If there is no impact, how can they not be pregnant?

In fact, the amount of male semen is generally 2-6 ml, and the vaginal secretion is 3-8 ml.The rear dome deep in the vagina can accumulate semen, but not exceeding 2 ml.Beyond its capacity, semen spills.There is abundant prostaglandin in semen, which can cause uterine muscle contraction.After the uterine contracted, it was then relaxed, causing the uterine cavity to be negative pressure, attracting sperm into the uterine cavity.The orgasm that the woman appears can also enhance uterine contraction and accelerate the speed of sperm entering the uterine cavity.

Therefore, you can find sperm in the fallopian tube 10 minutes after the same room. Even some semen flowing will not affect pregnancy.In the same way, the woman immediately got up after the same room, and she wanted to discharge semen in the vagina through urination, rinse, etc., and it was not a reliable contraceptive measure. Therefore, if friends who do not want to get pregnant, it would be no help to toss after the same room.

During the running process, sperm will encounter various "levels", and there are not many sperm that can reach the fallopian tube.Some people want to get pregnant, so they can put only pillows on the hips to prevent semen from flowing out.In fact, overflowing sperm is only sperm that fails in competition and does not help conceive.There is only one sperm that really conceives. As long as the sperm quality of men passes, the sperm in the semen entering the uterine cavity is more than rich.

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