Will there be a miscarriage of progesterone?Does the secretion affect the fetus?

After 40 days of menopause, Jiaojiao was very happy when she was pregnant.But take a closer look, the progesterone 14ng/ml seems to be low, so it becomes nervous at once, will the progesterone be aborted when it is low?

Welon is also called progesterone and luteal hormone. It requires progesterone to maintain fetal development during pregnancy.Early pregnancy is secreted by the ovarian luteal. The placenta is initially formed after 12 weeks of pregnancy, and progesterone is secreted by the placenta.

However, if the progesterone is low during early pregnancy, it may not have a miscarriage, because during the early pregnancy, the progesterone in the pregnant woman’s body is a pulse secretion. The value of the blood progesterone every day is very large.Will be at the bottom of the valley.If you are detected, the progesterone levels are just at the bottom of the valley, then it is not really low.The next checkup is not normal if it happens to the peak.

Therefore, although some female progesterone is low, there are no symptoms of stomach pain, backache, and vaginal bleeding, and HCG has risen normally (HCG doubles doubles every 48 hours before 10,000).That shows that slightly lower progesterone can also maintain women’s normal pregnancy and may not have a miscarriage.

However, early pregnancy is too low. For example, it is less than 10ng/ml, which is really low. Just be alert to ectopic pregnancy. If ectopic pregnancy can be excluded, it is best to use progesterone to maintain pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor.

If pregnant women are inadequate luteum function and less secretion of progesterone, resulting in poor embryonic development.At this time, when progesterone is low, there may be a stem abortion or even abortion.Generally, it is often accompanied by irregular vaginal bleeding. HCG rises slowly, has a pain in the stomach, and even the symptoms of severe pain may inevitably abortion.

In a blink of an eye, Jiaojiao has been pregnant for 37 weeks. In recent days, there are more secretions, so you will be nervous. Will the secretions most affect the fetus at this time?

37 weeks of pregnancy, reaching the late pregnancy, close to childbirth.As the uterus gradually increases, the lower section of the uterus gradually extends, and physiological pseudo -contractions will occur. Pseudo -contractions may also cause proper expansion and softening of the cervical canal. At this timeNormal phenomena will not have adverse effects on the fetus.

However, if the leucorrhea increases in the later pregnancy, it is yellow, and it is accompanied by vulva and vaginal itching. It may have vaginitis.Because women during pregnancy change due to levels such as estrogen hormones, pregnant mothers are prone to vaginal inflammation.

Once the pregnant mother has vaginitis, it is easy to cause premature breakthrough and even retrograde infection, causing infection and premature birth in the fetus, which affects the health of the fetus.

Therefore, there are abnormal leucorrhea at 37 weeks of pregnancy. You should go to the hospital as soon as possible to test the routine of the leucorrhea and deal with the symptoms according to the test results.If the test results are normal, don’t worry too much, ready to produce items.If there is inflammation, use drugs for anti -inflammatory treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

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