Will vomiting always occur in the early stages of pregnancy?How to relieve the pregnancy of pregnant women?

Guide: I am about 7 weeks of pregnancy, my second child, no vomiting when I conceive the first child, but the second child vomiting is very serious, especially when I eat and vomit almost in the morning, and I always feel that my mouth is bitter. I don’t want to eat. I don’t want to eat.Not good, afraid of nutrition, it is easy to affect children’s development. Help: Why vomit occurs in the early stages of pregnancy?How can I relieve pregnancy?

Why does vomiting occur in the early stages of pregnancy?

Vomiting in early pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. Pregnancy is generally a pregnancy vomiting phenomenon from the 5th and 6th weeks of pregnancy. It is reduced or disappeared by itself in about 12 weeks of pregnancy. In severe cases, it will continue until the 20th week of pregnancy.Minor pregnancy vomiting is harmless to the fetus, does not have to be too nervous, usually does not have much impact on health, no treatment is required.As long as you keep your mood and stable mood, pay attention to rest.However, the severe case can cause the body’s body fluid balance and malnutrition, and how much harmful the fetus must be treated for treatment.

So how to relieve the great change of pregnancy?

1. Avoid eating greasy food

If there is no appetite in the early stages of pregnancy, it is recommended to take care of the dietary habits and hobbies of expectant mothers as much as possible, choose your favorite food, soup and greasy foods are the most likely to cause vomiting.Difficulty food.In fact, the fetal growth in the early pregnancy is slow and does not require too much nutrition.Eat less.Drink plenty of water and change the dining environment as much as possible, which can arouse appetite.

2. Taking vitamin B6

If the early pregnancy reaction of pregnant women is serious, nausea and vomiting cannot be eaten, they need to go to the hospital to see the doctor, and then take vitamin B6 under the guidance of the doctor.Vitamin B6 helps to ease pregnancy. However, doctors usually recommend that they take severe pregnancy and vomiting, and the amount is 10 mg at a time. 3 times a day. Before the expectant mothers are taking, it is best to consult the doctor.

Third, stay away from greasy and uncomfortable odor

Try to stay away from the greasy and smell of some foods.Pregnancy is particularly sensitive to the sense of smell and taste. It is best for pregnant women to go outdoors when burning vegetables, so as not to smell the smell of oil fume inducing discomfort.So as not to cause odor and food that dislikes or foods.

Fourth, ginger+sugar cane juice

Experts have found that ginger can help relieve vomiting.If the ginger is squeezed into the juice, a small piece of ginger is made without a juicer and cooked in a small piece of ginger in sugarcane juice.Cook a small bowl and drink it 3 times a day.Objectives are fast.

5. Eat more fruits

The diet when the pregnancy is heavier should be based on the principle of nutrition, light, delicious, and easy to digest.Eat more fruits and some fruits can also alleviate pregnancy, which can supplement water, vitamins and essential minerals.For example, mango: good for the stomach, vomiting, and halo; Apple: not only helps the fetus development, but also relieves pregnancy.

6. Organic foods that eat acid

You can eat some fruits and products such as citrus, bayberry, plum, plum, plum, apricot, acid orange, etc., because these foods contain more organic acids, which can stimulate the gastric wall, increase gastric acid, improve the activity of digestive enzymes, promote gastrointestinal peristalsisAnd increasing appetite can help the digestion and absorption of food.But pay attention not to eat too much at a time, otherwise it is easy to cause a burden on the stomach.

Reminder: Psychological relaxation is more important than anything. Psychological pressure is too large, and pregnancy response will become more serious.Some pregnant mothers are worried that they will affect the fetal nutrition supply after the response of early pregnancy, and the flesh is in a panic state.As everyone knows, the mood is panicked and the pressure will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, which will exacerbate pregnancy.A few pregnant women responded seriously and vomited in pregnancy.When you go to the hospital, give supplementary liquid and corresponding treatment according to the situation.Pregnancy drama usually has no impact on the fetus and keeps mood happily.

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