Will you drink tea?What are you knowing about drinking tea?

What are you talking about drinking tea? The more you drink, the better, and not everyone is suitable for drinking tea.Generally speaking, the drink of 2-3 grams each time is relatively appropriate.

Pay attention to the different seasons, namely: spring drinking flower tea, green tea in summer, drinking green tea in autumn, and drinking black tea in winter.The reason is that in spring, drinking flower tea can exude cold evils in the human body for a winter accumulation, rich incense, and can promote the occurrence of human yang.In summer, it is better to drink green tea.Green tea is bitter and cold, which can clear heat, heat heat, detoxify, quench thirst, and strong heart.In autumn, drinking green tea is better.This tea is not cold or hot, which can eliminate the remaining heat in the body and restore the fluid.In winter, drinking black tea is the ideal.Black tea is sweet and warm, and is rich in protein, which can help digestion, make up for the body, and strengthen the human body.

2. Pay attention to drinking tea, drink 2 to 6 grams of tea daily.Although tea contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids. Drinking tea has a certain effect on purifying oil, enhancing nerve excitement, and eliminating diuretic diuretic, but not more, the better, and not all people are suitable for tea drinking.Generally speaking, 2-3 grams of drinking each time is more appropriate every day. It is not suitable for patients with neurasthenia, insomnia, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, heart disease, stomach disease, and bowel ulcers.Drinking tea, breastfeeding and pregnant women and infants should not drink tea.

3. Do not drink too strong tea.Strong tea will cause the human body to "excitement" excessively and adversely affect the cardiovascular system and nervous system.People with cardiovascular disorders may have tachycardia, or even arrhythmia after drinking strong tea, causing repeated diseases.

4. Do not drink tea before going to bed.This is even more important for the initial tea drinkers.After drinking tea before going to bed, it becomes very difficult to fall asleep, and even seriously affects the mental state of the next day.People with neurasthenia or insomnia should pay special attention.

5. Drink tea during meals.Drinking a small amount of tea before meals is not a big deal, but if you drink a lot of tea or drink strong tea, it will affect the absorption of many constant elements (such as calcium, etc.) and trace elements (such as iron, zinc, etc.).It should be noted that do not drink tea at the same time when drinking milk or other dairy products.Camellia and tannin acid in tea will be combined with calcium elements in dairy products into calcium salts that are not dissolved in water and excrete in vitro, which greatly reduces the nutritional value of dairy products.

7. It is not advisable to drink tea after drinking.After drinking, ethanol entered the blood through the gastrointestinal tract, transformed into acetaldehyde in the liver, and then converted into acetic acid, and was then decomposed into carbon dioxide and water to discharge.Drink tea after drinking, and the tea alkali in tea can quickly diuretic effects on the kidney, thereby promoting the unexplathhdexaldehyde to enter the kidneys prematurely.Acetaldehyde has a great stimulating effect on the kidney, so it can affect kidney function. People who drink strong tea after drinking often have kidney disease.Not only that, ethanol in the wine is very irritating to the cardiovascular, and tea also has the effect of excited the heart.big.

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