Will you get pregnant with a ring?Don’t forget the baby born in the "lifting" contraceptive ring, how to avoid

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My girlfriend working at the obstetrics and gynecology hospital told me that a pregnant woman came with the hospital two days ago.I knew she was pregnant for almost three months, because she always thought that she had been on the ring, and it was impossible to get pregnant. She thought that the menstruation was a side effect of a ring.

Girlfriends said with emotion that many women now have too weak knowledge about this and do not pay attention to their bodies.Bringing pregnancy is prone to danger. If it is not found early, the consequences are serious.

In fact, there are really a lot of such things. Don’t forget the baby born from the "lifting" contraceptive ring some time ago.

With a contraceptive ring, it cannot be 100 % contraception.Therefore, women must usually be alert to some abnormal reactions of their bodies. They go to the hospital for examination in time, which is not enough to be healthy.

A few months ago, a "domineering" baby was born in the delivery room in a hospital in the United States.

Every time the world is born every day, there are many babies born. Where is this baby strange?It should be difficult for everyone to imagine that the baby was born with the mother’s body in the mother’s body.

This is the case. The mother has two children, so she went to the hospital to get on the contraceptive ring.It didn’t take long to find that he was pregnant, and such a miracle appeared.

The cause of this photo was that when the doctor saw the contraceptive ring next to the placenta, he took it out.

The mother of the mother felt very strange, so she made a cute move, put this ring into the baby’s hands, and took such a photo to prove that the baby was really born with the contraceptive ring.

As a result, the baby’s "holding" the birth of the contraceptive ring appeared.And being reposted by many media and netizens, netizens even commented: Fate is in their own hands!

It was verified by the media that this picture has not passed PS.

However, because there are many hidden dangers with ring pregnancy, many netizens are also very concerned about the baby’s physical condition.But Mom also said that the child’s body is healthy.

The chance of contraception of the contraceptive ring is only 90%. If it is rejected with the body of Baoma, it may be pregnant.

The first thing to understand is that the pregnancy pregnancy will pose a threat to the health of women, and it is likely that there are symptoms such as miscarriage, premature birth, infection, and bleeding. Generally, it is not recommended to leave it.

Of course, if the ectopic pregnancy can be excluded, the embryo is developing well, and the position of the birth ring does not affect the development of the fetus, you can leave observation.

However, we must follow the doctor’s order, observe and check closely, and monitor the baby’s development at high density.In addition, once the expectant mother feels abnormal in her body, she will seek medical treatment urgently.

The current medical technology is still very developed. Moms must choose according to the opinions of professional doctors and strictly implement it.

1) Select the contraceptive ring that meets the physical condition

There are different types and sizes in the contraceptive ring. Before the lap, you must choose a contraceptive ring that is consistent with the size and size of your own uterine cavity.

Only the model is suitable to avoid falling or shifting in the later period.

2) Regularly go to the hospital to check the condition of the contraceptive ring

Due to some exclusion reactions in the body, or due to the low position of the contraceptive ring, the size is not adapted, etc., the contraceptive ring deformation, falling, and broken of the contraceptive ring may occur, and the contraceptive effect may be lost.

Therefore, if you want to avoid pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for examination.

Generally speaking, it is checked once every three months after the placement, and the review is reviewed every year since then.If there is a pop -up or drop, measures must be taken in time.

3) Double contraception

If you want to maximize contraception, you cannot fully hope to be in the contraceptive ring.Men can still adopt a higher safety condom to play the insurance role of dual contraception.

Of course, in general, as long as the first two points are achieved, the situation of accidental pregnancy will not occur. You can choose as appropriate.

The second child’s mother and nutritionist share the experience of childcare life; the pictures are derived from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it; in addition, the code word is not easy.

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