Within 40 days of pregnancy, how to increase the number of childbirth and ensure the power of conception?

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The important job is not to promote ovulation, but to reduce the early death of embryos within 40 days of pregnancy as much as possible.According to data reports, in the early death of the embryo, 1-3 days after the breeding, the internal environment was not suitable, and death could ≥20%.9-24 days after the breeding, embryos are planted into the uterus, and death can be ≥50%.26-40 days after the breeding, the embryo forms an organ, and the death can be ≥30%.

Therefore, the important task is not to promote ovulation, but to reduce the early death of embryos within 40 days of pregnancy as much as possible.Among them, the early embryo that was not bed was a major factor due to physical stimulation, and it was often ignored after we breed. Look at the following actions. Do we usually do it?

After finishing the planting, give the sow butt slap

Many breeders, after the natural mating or artificial insemination is completed, kick the pig or slap the pig’s buttocks, and thinks that it can stimulate the sow’s uterine contraction and prevent semen from flowing back.As everyone knows, this kick will cause sows to produce stress reactions and produce corticosteroid hormone, but interfere with the secretion of "love hormone" -the oxytocin, affecting the continued flow of semen to the fallopian tube.

Drive the sow to move the bar

During this period of transfer sow may lead to a decrease in spontaneous abortion or nest production.If the sow needs to be transferred after breeding, it either transfer it within 40 hours after the last 4 hours of infusion, or transfer it within 30 days after the last 30 days of infusion.Even group sow is recommended to use a limit bar in early pregnancy. In fact, the EU, which has strict animal welfare requirements, allows the sow limited barracks to the surrounding surroundings.

Suddenly replace the diet

For a nest of the spa, the sow can still be used in the early middle of pregnancy.In addition, it is feasible to feed 1 time/day in the pork house in full advance, which can reduce the disturbance of pigs and reduce labor.The experiment found that the adjustment of the back of the sows on the front of the delivery room, the sow’s difficulty production, the initial weight of the piglet, the uniformity and vitality, the sow’s breastfeeding amount, the estrus rate of weaning for 7 days, and the piglet 28 days of 28 daysIn terms of weaning, sow feeding once a group during pregnancy (22 days from pregnancy to 3 days before giving birth) is better than feeding twice.

Feed from time to time, roars of sows climbing fences, etc.

Feed regularly, it is best to feed it twice a meal, and the first speed is fast. Make the hungry sow to solve the problem of hunger as soon as possible and prevent physical stimuli such as crashes.Feed.In addition, cellulose or green feed can be added to satisfy satiety.


Sowing should avoid high -intensity and sudden sound stimulation during pregnancy.During the peak of embryonic death, if sows were frightened or disturbed, it was likely to cause metabolic disorders and inhibit the internal environment of the uterus to varying degrees, which may increase the number of embryos death.Therefore, during pregnancy, keep the circle quiet, prevent people from approaching, prevent pets or small animals from harassing, prohibit excessive noise, and we must not rush or beat the sow.

Improper medication

(1) Diuretic drugs will cause dehydration of the uterus and cause embryos to be detached; antihypertensive drugs, the placenta penetration power is extremely strong, which can easily lead to abortion.

(2) Some heat -relieving analgesic drugs are highly toxic, which can easily cause gastrointestinal reactions, damage liver and kidney, and cause abortion; sodium salicylate and aspirin have anticoagulant effects and are prone to abortion. Therefore, pregnant animals are disabled.Other heat -solving drugs can be used in quantity, and it is not easy to increase the amount at will.

(3) Antibiotics, such as rinomycin, are highly toxic to the fetus and easily lead to weak babies. Try to avoid use.For the test solution of the Timi Kaoxing, the placenta penetration is extremely strong, which can easily lead to abortion.

(4) Hormone drugs, such as patelinoshinoshin, hydol, prostaglandin (PG), dexamethasone, and easily cause miscarriage. Pregnant beasts are disabled.

(5) Baconine, such as ammonia methaline, coat, rutine, and enemies, etc., can easily lead to enhancement of the uterine smoothing muscle and disabled for pregnant animals.

If pregnant sows are sick, the right medicine can prevent diseases and reduce abortion and increase production efficiency, and the use of wrong medicines will cause abortion.Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the taboos of pregnant livestock, so that there is a diagnostic significance for the disease.

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