Within a week, the stomach is as big as July and August, and the doctor in Shenzhen has cleverly built the channel to "control water"

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In just one week, the stomach is as large as pregnant women who are pregnant for seven or eight months.Renxin finally recovered patient life.

Community Tai Chi team active molecular "second change" severe disease number

In mid -January, the Spring Festival of Xin Chou is approaching.Ms. Sui, 58, coughed every day and went to a large -scale three -level hospital in Shenzhen for examination. She was included in the respiratory department.But during the hospitalization, her belly became bigger, and she swelled like a pregnant woman who was pregnant for seven or eight months of pregnancy within a week.

"I feel that my belly is going to be fried, and my belly can be stretched out of the water with a finger!" Ms. Sui said that she was diagnosed with hepatitis B after 7 years ago.Okay, basically does not affect daily life. On weekdays, she is also an active element of the elderly in the community.But this time, a large amount of ascites made her feel very strenuous, not only inconvenient to move, but even difficulty in panting.During the period, she had a fever to 39 ° C, and the abdominal pain occurred repeatedly.

The doctor conducted a full -abdomen CT examination for Ms. Sui, and found that she had a broad thrombus formation in her spleen artery and abdominal cavity.Acute and large number of door venous thrombosis is formed. The disease is critical and the mortality rate is high, which can easily lead to intestinal necrosis and life -threatening.

Some people suggested that Ms. Sui transferred to Guangzhou for treatment, but Ms. Sui was very poor at the time, and tossing into Guangzhou was also a test for her.Later, the attending doctor of the foreign hospital suggested that Ms. Sui transferred to the Shenzhen University General Hospital, and asked Xu Long, a well -known expert in the treatment of well -known experts in the country and the director of the Department of Gastroenterology of Shenzhen University.

There is a blood flow "not taking the common path", this "water conservancy project" is not easy to do

Hepatitis patients with ascites are mostly caused by increased venous pressure of the door. The split (TIPS surgery) through the intravenous intra -intra -intra -intra -intra -intrae liver is the treatment method preferred at home and abroad.This surgery is the "water conservancy project" in the human body. Doctors usually use intervention methods to establish a diversified channel within the liver substantial substance between the patient’s liver vein and the door vein.produce.In this area, Director Xu Long is a well -known expert in the country.

However, the situation of Ms. Sui is somewhat special, combined with spleen infarction, acute door venous thrombosis, door venous trunk, door vein branches, etc. are blocked by thrombus and cannot carry out conventional TIPS diversion.After discussing the condition collectively, the only measures that can save Ms. Sui’s life may only be the only outhe liver downtime (TEPS).This type of surgery was founded by Professor Xu Long and has successfully saved digital endangered patients. The difficulty of surgery is that the bracket span is greater.

After detailed preparation, Director Xu Long first conducted a radiography examination for Ms. Sui on February 4.However, during the examination, I encountered the "Plug -in Rover" -the discovered that Ms. Sui had a spleen -motion venous fistula at the same time.Under normal circumstances, the blood flow of the spleen artery passes through the spleen and then flows out of the spleen vein, but the part of Ms. Sui is directly connected between the spleen artery and the spleen vein, and the blood flows directly from the spleen artery into the spleen vein.The blood flow of this "not to take an unusual road" is large, and due to the excessive pressure of Ms. Sui, there is a tumor -like expansion, the vascular wall is weak, and it is easy to have the risk of major bleeding.

If the spleen intravenous fistula is not blocked, the blood flow of the spleen artery will continue to flow into the spleen vein. Even if the blood flow of the door vein is successfully diverted, the pressure of the increased portal vein will still not decrease.Invasant body circulation may increase the burden on the heart and lead to heart failure in patients.

Director Xu Long decided to advance the spleen vein fistula.On the basis of the highly trust of the doctors and patients, Director Xu Long launched a partial block and decompression of the spleenal vein fistula for Ms. Sui on February 19, and successfully sent the spring circle to the fistula.Sun Litao, director of the ultrasound department, reviewed the color Doppler ultrasound, suggesting that the blood flow at the spleen vein fistula decreased significantly from the previous.

Cross large -scale thrombosis and establish a high -span "diversion channel"

Successfully blocked the spleen vein fistula, and the next thing to solve was Ms. Sui’s door vein high pressure.Because Ms. Sui does not apply conventional TIPS techniques, Director Xu Long considers tried to try to split through external liver doors.The formation of thrombosis is wider. If the door vein and body circulation system are connected, the span of the bracket will be longer.

"Director Xu, as long as there is a line of hope, we are willing to try. Please save my mother!" In front of the surgical risk, Ms. Sui’s family, especially his son, showed great guilty and high trust in Director Xu Long.Essence

Director Xu Long decided to take danger for the patient.On March 1, Xu Long successfully placed the bracket between the lower cavity vein and the upper vein of the intestinal membrane, and connected two large blood vessels. Ms. Sui’s door vein pressure was reduced.After the operation, Ms. Sui recovered smoothly. Her belly was reduced from 93 cm on March 1 to 84 cm on March 16. She has been discharged.

Talking about the treatment process, Ms. Sui and her lover gave their thumbs up to the Shenzhen University General Hospital: "The doctor’s medical skills are exquisite, the medical ethics is noble, the medical staff are very responsible, very friendly, and the environment is very comfortable." They said that as old Shenzhen peopleFrom the experience of treating major illnesses, I did not have to run Guangzhou’s personal experience, and I realized the progress of Shenzhen Medical.

March 18th is the 21st "National Love Day". The theme of this year is "love liver and liver, combine control and treatment, and curb hepatitis."The liver is the largest digestive organs in the human digestive system. It has been working hard and working hard. Director Xu Long reminds the public to protect the liver, to be a light diet, reduce drinking, ensure adequate sleep, maintain comfortable mood and exercise appropriately.

(Original title "The belly is so big within a week that it is as big as pregnancy in July and August, and the doctor in Shenzhen builds a passage of the passage" water control "")

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