Within the newlyweds with a child in March, after seeing my husband stealing the medicine, I decided to remove the child

My husband and I met through a blind date. When I saw him at first glance, I fell in love with him, because he looked tall and big and handsome.

Because we are older for the purpose of getting married, we also talk about our own conditions.

He works in a local factory. The money made every month can be regarded as medium -sized local income. He now has a house and a car and some deposits.

After graduating from college, I went to work in a foreign company. Although I was very tired, I still had a considerable income. At least I could basically afford what I wanted to buy.

In this way, the two of us felt that they were quite suitable for each other, so we were together. Since we were together, my husband was very good to me.

Because the parents of both sides were urged to be more urged, we got married half a year later, and parents urged us to ask for children after marriage.

After getting married, I found out that don’t look at my husband’s tall and strong, but in which aspect she really doesn’t work, I see my husband taking medicine every day.

Every time I ask what medicine he takes, he said it was some supplements or something, and I didn’t ask him because of busy work.

Finally, less than three months after we got married, I found that I was pregnant. When I told my husband about this good news, the whole family was very happy.

My in -laws also invited me to have a meal for this, and they said that I would give me some money every month for me to buy more nutritional products.

I still feel very happy to see my in -laws’ approach. One night I couldn’t sleep with curiosity what medicine my husband took.

So I looked at it secretly in the middle of the night. As a result, I saw that my husband took some medicines about male diseases, which surprised me very much.

Then I woke up my husband and threw the medicine in front of him. As a result, her husband had nothing to say that she explained the truth to me.

Her husband was handsome because he was handsome, so he was raised by some rich women when he was young. He also saved some money for a few years, so he planned to go home to marry a daughter -in -law to live a stable life.

The husband’s body was sick when he was centered. Now he took those medicines that he had taken to have a child.

When I learned of it, I decided to remove the child, because I was worried that my baby’s body would have a problem, and my mother -in -law was so generous.

Do you think my approach is right?

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