Women 5 sufferings after pregnancy, one more painful than one, is not easy

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Most people think that women should be on the TV after pregnancy. Like the girls, they are delicious and delicious. Some people serve. In fact, it is not the case. After the pregnancy is successful, the mother’s mood is very good every month.It is just the beginning of a woman, and the uncomfortable days have followed. The pregnant mothers who have experienced should be the most clear. It is really not too much to describe it with the word "boil".Especially in these 5 stages, one is more painful than the other!

1. Pregnancy of early pregnancy

Most of the pregnant women have the experience of pregnancy vomiting. The real pregnancy vomiting is not as simple as a TV series. It is very severe in Xishi.What to eat and vomit, I vomit the bitterness, it can be said, it is difficult, torture, the people around you want to let pregnant mothers eat more at all times. In fact, you want to eat more.At the early pregnancy, what to eat and vomit, the mental pressure is very strong, it is directly over.

2. Insomnia in the middle of pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers have already appeared in the second trimester. They must adjust their sleeping postures and diet. If the adjustment is not good, it will cause insomnia at night. Some pregnant mothers have a serious situation of insomnia.This period is very difficult, for children to hold back.

3. Plagic pain in the third trimester

When the pregnant mother’s belly is getting more and more affordable, the toe bone pain will occur. Almost every month, the mother’s body has this headache, which is really unbearable. At this timeSome people are more powerful. The index that is difficult to be difficult than early and in the early pregnancy is that the upgrade is not decreased.

4. Production pain during childbirth

Whether you choose to give birth or cesarean section, your body must bear huge pain, because your mother thinks that it is okay after giving birth to a baby, but after giving birth, you still have to face a lot of challenges, that is, the body needs to recover.It’s not as fast as you think.

5. The confinement period is weak and weak

After giving birth to a child, the body is very weak. At this time, the child must be breastfeed. The pregnant mother of the caesarean section still has to endure the pain of the knife mouth. I feel that the confinement is long every day.It is difficult to take care of the baby’s sleep insufficient sleep and often rise milk.

In fact, the pain after pregnancy is finished.During pregnancy, frequent urination, weight gain, spots on the face, and edema of hands and feet.It’s not that mothers are arrogant, but that pregnancy is really bitter. If you don’t believe it, men, let’s try it?

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