Women are asked to take the initiative to leave by the company for five months. Do you support the company or support pregnant women?

A woman in Wuhan was five months pregnant, and the company asked themselves to take the initiative to resign, and was informed that the state stipulated that the state regulations were stipulated that maternity leave stipulated in the company was one month.This incident continues to ferment on the Internet, and the wind direction of the comment has not been presented, which supports the situation of pregnant women.For this time, I want to explain from three aspects: legal, reasonable and personal point of view.

First of all, from legal point of view, those who definitely support pregnant women, as pregnant and lactating women, cannot be dismissed casually, and the company’s so -called one -month maternity leave claims can not stand at all.According to my country’s laws, maternity leave is also 98 days. If it is difficult to give birth, it can be added for 15 days.In addition to the state regulations, many local government departments have also increased the number of maternity leave days based on this. For example, Guangdong Province directly increased by 80 days on the basis of the state regulations, increasing the basis of maternity leave to 178 days.Many other provinces have also increased to varying degrees. For example, the number of days of maternity leave in Hubei, where the protagonist of this incident is located, has also increased to 158 days.Therefore, the law is exactly on the side of pregnant women.

So why are there many people choose to stand on the side of the company? In addition to the reason, is there a lot of grievances in the company.I think it can also be considered from several aspects.First of all, except that during maternity leave, unable to go to work during maternity leave, even if the work of lactation during maternity leave and returning after maternity leave will be greatly affected. In addition to affecting the company’s normal work, because of their own work reduction, they will cause the same work to cause the same work, which will cause the same work to cause the same work.The workload of the group has increased.Secondly, maternity leave for five to six months, wages need to be paid normally, and social security needs to be paid normally. Even if only pays for salary, the costs incurred during this period are more than 10,000 yuan.For units that directly use fixed wages, this expenses may reach tens of thousands of dollars, which can be regarded as a lot of expenses.In the end, even if the enterprise is not bad, there are problems arranged by personnel. The five or six months holidays are definitely different from five or six days. All her work content needs others to be responsible.If it is a team, then the workload of other people in the team will increase, and it is likely to cause other people’s dissatisfaction, so the company has to increase personnel. If it wasn’t for the team, they need to arrange personnel transfer in advance before her maternity leave.No matter what kind of, it means that her job has been replaced.Then when she returned, someone’s post had already replaced, how could she arrange her job.

In the end, let me talk about my personal point of view. Whether women are pregnant or produce, they are very hard. They are also a heavy responsibility of passing from generation to generation. They should not be discriminated against because of this.Various regulations introduced at the national level are to protect the employment rights of women, and the starting point is also good.However, as mentioned above, the company has received actual losses.Such a strong policy will only be counterproductive, so that more enterprises dare not choose women who are in birth during the recruitment.So this burden cannot be pressed all over the company.Women’s fertility bears the responsibility of all humanity, so this responsibility should be borne by everyone.Can you consider increasing the collection of "maternity insurance" for everyone, and after the state is levied, the state level will subsidize all fertility women.Without the worries, you can really make women’s employment fair.

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