Women become ugly when they are pregnant?Do 3 points well, the same is the "fashion hot mom"

October conceived, and once childbirth, this should be a good day of celebration.

However, Jiao Jiao couldn’t get up.Last week, Jiao Jiao gave birth to a white fat boy, and she was happy to make her family happy. Jiaojiao was also very happy, but when some friends came to visit her, they said to her "splashing cold water": "Look at you, look at it.Where do you still have the shadow of the original Banhua now? Is this too embarrassed? "

Jiaojiao was unhappy at the time of hearing. She took a look at the mirror and took a breath.This sparse and greasy hair, darker eyes, full of spots, you can see two layers of double chin in a bowed head … When Jiaojiao was still in the class, after a lifetime of children, it seemed to change a person.In the past, where did the thin and white Jiaojiao go?

Jiaojiao couldn’t stand such a blow, and secretly determined to return to the peak of the face value.But in fact, as long as you do these 3 points during pregnancy, you can also become a fashionable spicy mothers after giving birth. When you are pregnant, you are also a fashionable hot mom!

1. Do a good job of hair care

The impact of hair on a person is also great.Many young Baoma is troubled by hair loss. It is obviously in the early twenties, but the amount of hair on her head looks like 50 or 60 years old.

I once watched Weibo Duanzi said: I have a lot of hair, I have a lot of hair on my bed, I have a lot of hair on my comb, and even have a lot of hair on my home. However, I have no hair on my head.Moms during pregnancy are more likely to lose hair.

When I am pregnant, I have mental stress, afraid of the fetus in the abdomen, so I have always been careful.When the mental stress is too large, it will also affect the quality of sleep at night, leading to disorder in the nerve function in the body, making the scalp blood supply in poor supply, and the hair will easily fall off.And after women, estrogen will increase significantly. When estrogen increases, the growth rate of hair will slow down.

If you do n’t want to take postpartum hair loss more serious, you can take good care of your hair during pregnancy. You can use more haircuts for hair care and haircuts to make the scalp healthy and more tough hair.It is best to choose natural plants to extract the nursing supplies, which can be repaired.In addition, Baoma should also pay attention to the usual habits. Do not tie that particularly tight hairstyle to make the scalp too tight and cause severe hair loss.

2. Do a good job of skin management

When I was pregnant, my sister -in -law did not dare to use a little cosmetics. I was afraid that some of the harmful substances inside would hurt the fetus. After giving birth to the child, the whole person was alive as a "yellow -faced wife".

After pregnancy, Bao Ma, it is best not to make makeup.But many people will understand that they cannot use cosmetics or even skin care products.This misunderstanding is big.As we all know, after the age of 25, the collagen will be lost, and during pregnancy, the pressure will be too strong, and the whole person will not look good and look good.After giving birth to a child, it will look a lot aging.

Therefore, many people mistakenly think that they will grow old after giving birth. In fact, because during pregnancy, the management of the skin is not in place, and after giving birth, it ignores it.Bao Ma can skin care during pregnancy. Normal hydration, spots, and whitening are all possible, but try to choose mild and non -irritating skin, or for pregnant women.

3. Do a good job of body management

Unsure during pregnancy is inevitable.

But gaining weight is not blindly gaining weight. Generally, the weight of normal Baoma during pregnancy is about 8 to 12 kilograms.Methods of Chinese pregnant women: Weight = height-105. On the basis of this, 10%can be floating up and down, which is normal weight. Moms control their figures within this range, and they can also recover quickly after giving birth.If you severely exceed this standard, pay attention to control your diet slightly.After all, excessive obesity is not conducive to physical health.

During the pregnancy, many Baoma was completely giving up about her image management, so many people said that women became ugly after giving birth.Should pregnant mothers take action and break this fallacy?

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