Women do not ovulate, and they can’t escape these reasons, just check it out!

Often, women will have at least one egg out of the body every month. If you have the same room experience in the ovulation period, you will have the possibility of pregnancy. If you do not ovulate, it means that the chance of pregnancy is zero.However, there are indeed many women in life that cannot ovulation due to various reasons. So what is the cause of ovulation and what diseases can cause women not to ovulate?

1. Insufficient hormone in the body

Women have a certain amount of estrogen in their bodies. When the estrogen is insufficient, the ovaries may not be able to ovulate normally, and they will not ovulate.If you find that you have such a situation, you can check the level of hormones in the body and find out the cause.

2. Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a relatively common disease. After women suffer from this disease, the ovulation function will abnormal, and the follicles may not be able to develop normally and mature, so there is no way to discharge mature eggs.If your ovarian does not ovulation is caused by this disease, it is generally necessary to treat it with drugs, and you should pay attention to check in time.

3. Ovular dysfunction occurs

In life, some women will have abnormal amenorrhea, which generally belongs to ovarian dysfunction.In addition, when suffering from ovarian tumors and other diseases, it will cause damage to the ovaries. These are also ovarian dysfunction, which may cause ovarian not to ovulate and need to pay more attention.

4. Premature ovarian failure

Premature ovarian failure is more common in life.Many women now use some contraception drugs, which may cause premature ovarian failure when they are improper.When the ovaries appear premature failure, the follicles cannot grow normally, which will cause the ovaries not to ovulate. If it is not treated in time, it will affect pregnancy.

5. Frequent exercise

Doing some severe exercise for a long time also affects women’s ovulation.When the amount of exercise is too large, the sagging experience will be affected, and sex hormones may cause ovulation, so that the eggs will not be discharged normally, which is not good for women’s bodies.

6. Drug

Take certain drugs, such as long -acting steroid injection contraceptives, destroying the interaction between the brain and the ovaries, inhibiting ovulation, and affecting pregnancy.There are signs that the longer the time to use this contraceptive method, the higher the possibility of amenorrhea.

1. If you are a young woman, the hypothalamic brain function is suppressed due to excessive weight loss, excessive exercise, emotional instability and other reasons, which will cause ovulation disorders. At this time, patients need to actively adjust their lifestyle, regular work, and regulate their emotions.

2. If the patient has a tumor with pituitary gland, such as prolactinoma, the doctor will prescribe some drugs that secure prolactin, and the pituitary tumor must be removed by surgery.

3. Women with normal ovarian reserves can be successfully pregnant by promoting ovulation. For example, women with polycystic ovarian syndrome can adjust hormone endocrine through drugs, regulate menstruation, and then promote pregnancy.

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