Women marrying people after pregnancy is not qualified to pick up gifts?Listen to what the post -90s Baoma says

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I am a cousin, I’m going to get married recently, but her family can’t be happy.It turned out that the cousin’s unmarried pregnancy had been pregnant for more than 3 months, and she was about to show her eyes.My uncle means that since this is the case, Cai Li let the man look at it.However, the man’s parents looked at this and told his son, "It’s all like this, and have qualifications to pick up gifts?" They said that they had no money at home, and the gifts could not be given. The wedding was dragged back.My uncle was so angry that he let the cousin kill the child and not marry.But she was not willing to separate her child or want to separate from her boyfriend.However, marrying people like this, not to mention aggrieved, may not be better after marriage.

So, is it really a woman to marry someone after pregnancy?Listen to what the post -90s Baoma says.

"It’s my quality to be more than less, so you don’t give your sincerity."

A post -90s mother -in -law said that she was also unmarried and pregnant. When she got married, she explicitly asked her husband for gifts, but not much. It was definitely the kind of gift that could not be stressful for his family.In her words, "It is my quality to be more or less in colorful gifts, and it is your sincerity." Indeed, how much is the quality of the woman, it is her business to be exaggerated or scolded.However, as a ceremony of marriage since ancient times, the man did not give it his sincerity.

To be honest, a woman married a man, and after marriage, she gave birth to a child, and the child had to have the surname of the man.Then raising baby, bringing baby, laundry, cooking, and serving her in -laws, more finely more than the living of Yueyue and nanny. When they get married, the man gives that gift money for that little gift, which is really not enough to "buy" a woman’s life.

"What age? Unmarried pregnancy is normal, I don’t look at me, I don’t marry it yet."

A post -90s netizen said that she was also married after pregnancy. She felt: "What age? Unmarried pregnancy is normal, I don’t see me, I don’t marry." IndeedThere are a lot of men and women before marriage, and there are many who accidentally get pregnant.If because of this, you are not qualified to raise a gift, and you will be seen by the man’s family. The woman is "just" and will not marry.

Besides, pregnancy is two personnel, and the man is also responsible. Why do people throw "throwing" to women?I think that when the woman is pregnant, the man is irresponsible or takes the opportunity to "eat" a woman. He wants to get a wife in white, and even "lose his share"!

"I felt shameful at that time, I didn’t want a penny, but my mother -in -law still looked down on me after marriage."

Just because everyone was pregnant before marriage, men and women practiced "dual standards", which caused many women to feel shame.I said that I felt shame at the time when I was unmarried and said, "I didn’t want a penny at that time, but my mother -in -law still looked down on me after the marriage." Indeed, the woman didn’t want to be looked down on by her in -laws.As for the gift, her in -laws would suffer again, saying that she was "pregnant and she was not qualified to raise the gift."No matter what kind of gifts are required, how much gifts are required, it seems that women who are not married are wrong.

In fact, most women do not want "sky -high gifts."Although women want to marry, they look more important to marry a man. Once they fall in love with this man, they will never make trouble at the gift.Therefore, do n’t feel losing, especially for women who dare to conceive your child without getting married.Cai Li is not much, but whether you value her and respect her sincerity.

Netizens, do you think women are unmarried and pregnant, are you qualified to bring gifts?


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