Women who are pregnant in the workplace: When pregnant is like a thief, who said that work and children can only choose one two?

The female assistant was pregnant, but she did not dare to let the female boss know that until the work was wrong in her work, she could no longer be concealed by the superiority.The female boss is forgiven, and ask for dinner again. The female assistant gets the female assistant in the front foot and leaves.

Another female director who has just become pregnant is also concealed in the company, and the pregnancy reaction occurs.While her husband asked her to resign from the pressure, she dragged her weak body to stay up late to work overtime and led the subordinates.

After watching the TV series "I really love you", I have a big question mark: Women in the workplace are pregnant, why should I sneak like a thief?When is the workplace environment that is so unfriendly for women who are pregnant?This is not the case in real life!

Women are really hard to get pregnant. For example, they have no appetite and are pregnant. They have no spirit and lethargy. Her face starts to grow spots, her body is getting bloated, and her mood is not very stable.But every woman who is about to be a mother is strong and great. They squeeze bus and subway work on get off work, and the work content and workload are unchanged. I did n’t see anyone pregnant. I ca n’t do my daily work.

The assistant Xiao Huang in the play, Xiao Huang, misplaced his boss’s itinerary, could not understand the account of his boss, made a PPT title omissions, and the reported report was a pile of garbled code, printing the staggered meeting information, and he doubted whether she was angry.pregnant.But isn’t this because Xiaohuang’s ability to work?I really don’t need to push the pot to carry this pot.

Anyone who works hard on the workplace knows that the number of days of restraint leave is clearly stipulated. If you leave in the morning, you can accompany your children for a few more days.The female colleagues around me generally began to take a vacation when I was dragged on the stomach and the due date, and few people were uncomfortable to leave work during pregnancy.When the month is big, the leaders and colleagues will take care of it appropriately and allocate a little bit of work.

In the play, Chen Jiao Rui became careful after getting pregnant again.Her husband who was a pediatrician couldn’t wait to let her lie in bed every day.Can’t wear high heels, can’t stay up late, I’m afraid she is tired. I heard that she seemed to be in the sky as if the sky was falling.

But doing so will only increase the anxiety of pregnant women, which will make her nervous and pressure.He claimed to ask his wife to resign and go home, and did not consider the wives’ wishes at all. This is not love but the desire to control.

Xiao Yan, played by Liu Tao, is a career -oriented independent single woman and a typical Dink family.In her eyes, the child is burden.She will lack patience about the bear children on the plane; she feels that the client is spent because her wife does not dress up in the sky, and she also looks down on her to be soft to divorce for her child. In the face of the boss and baby, she can boast the cute little angel in violation of.Get up the smile in seconds and talked to the boss seriously.

When the boss wanted to give her the mother and baby project to her, she began to push off again, saying that she had never given birth to a child and did not understand the mother and baby market.This is really blocking both ends.If you are pregnant, it will affect work, just like the personnel director Monica, who has just entered the company for a few months, and lost his job after accidental pregnancy.The roots of chewing tongue said that she was an old woman, and it was viciously speculated that she could not have a child.

When applying for a job, the general company does be more taboo for hidden pregnancy women.For example, you will ask for a physical examination in disguise to prove that you are not pregnant.Some will also ask if there is a pregnancy plan recently. At this time, it is not good to answer.I heard an interview once, and the girl who came to the application honestly said honestly that she was preparing for a child. As a result, she was rejected on the spot. I was very speechless after listening. It was a bit anxious for her IQ.

Of course, there are also those who are pregnant soon after entering the company.If you are pregnant in the workplace, you can’t hide it when you are pregnant.I had a colleague before, and I hadn’t let go of the second child. She checked the second treasure and applied to the boss the next day to ask if I could have a reply.For maternity leave, the benefits that pregnant women should enjoy have not discounted.

Women’s pregnancy is not a crime. There is never a choice question to have children and work. Although it is inevitable that they will be biased, they can be taken into account under the protection of the labor law.There are many people who go back to work.If the company is in trouble, it is roughly fired or disguised in disguise in disguise in the way of adjusting.Take a step back and say that companies that do not respect female employees and are not kind to pregnant women are not worthy of staying.

Women Dinne is also right, but it shouldn’t be just to fight for care and be a strong woman. It is even more nonsense if she has never had a child.Male doctors of obstetrics and gynecology can’t have children in their lives?Some mothers who know educated are still not taught well?

In fact, it is common for women to be pregnant and have children. It is really not as horrible as performed in TV series.The female lead’s golden sentence shouted deafening, what woman is not easy, how to choose is wrong, what woman must know how to love herself, but on the one side to label the woman with age, oppose children and workWouldn’t it be afraid of marriage or childbirth?

Women have married and have children. The most asked is "how to balance the family and career", and even the popular female star can’t go around this topic.There are two different voices in this society: one thinks that women want their careers first and absolutely independent; the other considers a woman to teach the husband and take care of the family.Which of the career and family is in front, there is no standard answer, or it is different from person to person. It is more important to see which one is, but the premise must not harm women’s own interests, and it is the best choice for the family.

Those women who feel that pregnancy will affect their work and breach the promotion futures, first coordinate their work and life, and then think about children.Blindly to welcome the child’s arrival with a choice and giving mentality, it is unfair to the child, nor does it really love children.Because love has never been "pay".

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