Women’s "secretions" suddenly increased, generally related to 2 factors, partners must understand

Women’s "secretions" suddenly increased, generally related to 2 factors, partners must understand

The secretions of women’s private parts generally refer to the "leucorrhea".Women were secreted by leucorrhea. However, before adolescence, the reproductive system function had not developed, so it was not too obvious.After puberty, especially after ovulation starts, the secretions will increase greatly, and some different changes will be present in different periods.

A large number of probiotics live in leucorrhea, which plays a good protective role in women.When there are some health conditions in the human body, the leucorrhea will appear abnormal, giving women some tips.Therefore, leucorrhea is also known as the "barometer" of women’s health, which can judge some problems in the body through leucorrhea abnormalities.

Women’s "secretions" suddenly increased, generally related to 2 factors

Reason 1. Ovulation period is also called "dangerous period"

Generally speaking, in a physiological cycle of women, leucorrhea will also have different changes in the same period, the most obvious is the ovulation period.The ovulation period is generally 10 days in the middle of each menstrual cycle.During this period, women’s leucorrhea will be particularly many, and just like egg white, it is particularly clear and transparent, and pulling can become silk.It is often found to be on the underwear, which is very inconvenient to clean up.

When this happens, women should be clear that your ovulation period may be.Because it is very easy to get pregnant at this time, it is also called "dangerous period".Therefore, it has certain guiding significance for us.As for this phenomenon, both husband and wife cannot be ignored.

Reasons II: Evil inflammation

It is reported that women will have to varying degrees of inflammation after marriage. Therefore, women’s leucorrhea after marriage is often more yellowish.Generally, it is not particularly serious and does not need to be used for care.

But it should be noted that if there are many leucorrhea and yellowish, it is pasted on the underwear like bean dregs.At this time, you must pay attention, it may be a relatively serious inflammation.If you still have a smell, you must be careful that the lesions may occur, causing attention.

Generally speaking, there are many factors that cause inflammation of women. Of course, there are more health problems.Including personal hygiene, such as whether the underwear is often washed, clean, and whether it is properly dry.There is also whether men pay attention to personal hygiene, whether there are confusion in private life, and so on when the husband and wife live.In addition, staying up late or excessive fatigue leads to the decline in immunity of the human body, and it is also easy to induce inflammation and so on.

It should be noted that in general, women do not need to use dishwasure supplies when they are nursing their private parts.Especially women who have not lived in the life of husband and wife do not need to worry about inflammation.If a little itchy occurs, you can apply hot towels.If the above serious situation occurs, you can use some detergent to clean it.It usually improves in a few days.If it lasts for a long time, it is better to find the above help. Do not procrastinates.

For women, pay attention to three points to prevent gynecological diseases

The first is the personal hygiene; the underwear is changed once a day, and the physiological period must be changed multiple times a day.At the same time, the underwear that is changed should be dried in the ventilation.If a little itching occurs, the underwear includes the commonly used towels and it must be hot with boiling water.

Then develop good living habits; such as regular work and rest, avoid bad living habits such as excessive fatigue, especially smoking, drinking and staying up late, try to avoid it.Of course, the most important thing is that the life of the husband and wife cannot be confused.

Finally, it is the habit of developing regular inspections; Japan is a country with more open thoughts, but Japanese women are very good and have gynecological diseases.In fact, this has a lot to do with their regular gynecological examinations, and many gynecological diseases can be stifled to bud.Therefore, developing regular gynecological examinations is also an important means to prevent gynecological diseases.

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