Women’s travel encountered a "warm man" and had a child accidentally pregnant, but found that her boyfriend and multiple people had unmarried baby, the biggest is 8 years old

After a week of production in Jiangxi women, Xiao Lan found that her boyfriend Lu was left home, and her investigation found that her boyfriend had deceived at least 4 girlfriends and had a unmarried baby with 3 people …

Xiaolan and children

Things start from a tour in 2018.

Xiao Lan and Lu met in a tour.In Douban’s travel interest group, they are members of the same group.At the end of December 2018, the group members met Dali to climb the mountain, and Xiao Lan went from Jiangxi to Dali alone.

When netizens meet, they may be slightly sparse, but Xiao Lan said that the temperature was very low when the mountain came down, and Lu inadvertently took the initiative to help her with pants’ feet, which made her feel good about him. "I think this boy is very considerate and careful.","

After spending more than a month in Dali, the day after leaving Dali, Lu invited her to travel to the ancient city together.After half a day, the two had a relationship and established a relationship between men and women.

Xiao Lan said that when the two were in dating, Lu Mou would cook, wash dishes, and mop. He would not pack himself very rich, but he would be very literary and responsible.Lu Mou mentioned that his mother had died early. Grandma was old and often went back to watch her. She would also call his father to blame him for not taking care of grandma.

In the relationship, Lu never covered his relationship with Xiao Lan, and gradually obtained Xiao Lan’s trust.

When he was with Xiao Lan, Lu Mou bought his clothes for two days and brushed Six or Seven thousand dollars in Xiaolan. Lu Mou said that he brushed first and then repaid.After that, Lu also borrowed from Xiao Lan many times, not only brushed 320,000 from her credit card, but also borrowed 100,000 online loans in the name of Xiao Lan.

Lu Mou’s home in Songyuan City, Jilin Province. A few months after establishing the relationship, both sides went to their respective hometown.Around May 2019, Xiao Lan in Songyuan found that he was pregnant.Xiao Lan hesitated about accidental pregnancy. She also asked Lu’s opinion, "He said that she was born when she was pregnant." And for pregnancy, she was going to get a certificate of marriage, and Lu told her that "yes".

Lu Mou did not say that he did not receive a certificate, but it was delayed for various reasons.Until eight or nine months of pregnancy, neither of the two’s certificates were set.

During the period when Lu Mou returned to his hometown, Xiao Lan couldn’t contact Lu. When he contacted Lu’s father, his father told Xiao Lan on the phone that Lu had had a child, "already eight or nine years old."

It was the first time Xiao Lan learned from his population that his boyfriend had children.Xiao Lan said, "If he told me that he had a child from the beginning, I would definitely not be with him, let alone give birth to a child." Xiao Lan’s family also persuaded him to "consider clearly."

After hanging up Lu Mou’s father, she immediately asked the doctor if she could still abandon, but the doctor told the child that the month was too big and it was not recommended to abortion.

Xiao Lan said that after Lu returned, he apologized to her again and again, and promised that she would be good to her and her children.

In early 2020, Xiao Lan gave birth to a baby boy in his hometown in Jiangxi. Within a week, Lu Mou left Jiangxi to Dali, Yunnan.

Lu Mou

In July 2020, Xiao Lan took the child to Dali. After investigation, Xiao Lan actually found that there were at least 4 girlfriends in Lu, and they were unmarried with three of them. The biggest child was 8 years old.Xiao Lan also learned that Lu Mou had not been in class in seven or eight years, and his economic source was mainly depending on deception.After Lu Mou and many ex -girlfriends were revealed, the deceived girl said: "Lu Mou has a lot of routines, very well!"

At this time, Xiao Lan was already in debt.She said that during the time of the two, she resigned, and Lu Mou had no income. Both were relied on online loans and credit cards to maintain their lives.

After learning that he was deceived, Xiao Lan and his uncle conflicted with Lu, and Xiao Lan was caught, and once went to the police station.At the police station, Lu wrote a debit for Uncle Xiaolan and signed a "divorce agreement" and owed by Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan was caught

According to Red Star News, Lu and the first girlfriend met in 2008. At that time, they had a wedding, but they did not receive a certificate because they were not enough.The second "wife" Xiaoye was introduced by relatives in the family. Lu said that after giving birth, "the family thinks that the girl’s family is not good", so she didn’t continue to talk about it.In addition, in the second half of 2015, he married a woman in Dali. At that time, he received a marriage certificate and a wedding. However, when the woman was 6 months pregnant, he accidentally learned that she had married and had a child."I don’t know at the time." He believed that "since the two people got married together, they should be truthful, but they should not lie to me so much." Later, they quarreled and divorced.The child was killed.

Xiao Lan, who learned the truth, reported to the local public security organs to report the crime of fraud.Xiao Lan said she would file a lawsuit in the court.

Lawyers said that Lu Mou was difficult to pursue his crime of marriage, but the plot of deceiving property was true that Lu Mou was suspected of fraud.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

Original title: Women’s travel encounters a "warm man" accidental pregnancy and having children, but found that her boyfriend and many people have unmarried baby, and she is full of debt

Editor Lu Ruitian Liu Mengge

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