Women’s unexpected pregnancy does not stop the bleeding of the health and planning supervision department of the area of the area.

Western Net News (Qi Hongtao Ren Chao, a reporter of the First News of Shaanxi Radio and Television) Recently, Mr. Li (pseudonym), who lives in Xi’an, reports to us: After finishing the drug flow in Weiyangtai and Hospital of Xi’an in April, the lower body was uninterrupted and bleeding.If physical discomfort occurs, they believe that drug flow surgery is the main cause of physical discomfort.

Women’s accidental pregnancy does not interrupt bleeding in January two hospitals. The results of B -ultrasound are unexpected.

Mr. Li (pseudonym) of the patient’s family: "On April 16th, the doctor will prescribe medicine and take medicine here. By the afternoon of the 18th, it will be discharged from the body at noon on the 18th."

Mr. Li said that the wife had a side effect during the drug flow that day, and the stuff out of the body was flushed away in the bathroom. Dr. Zhou of Wayangtai and Hospital of Xi’an said that they did not see the excretion on their own, and suggested that they do the B -ultrasound to check whether the drug flow is clean.

Mr. Li (a pseudonym): "Re -do a B -ultrasound in Taihe Hospital. After the B -ultrasound is done, the doctor said that the B -ultrasound list is clean. Let’s go back and don’t worry."

Mr. Li told reporters that after returning home, his wife’s lower body was uninterrupted and his body was uncomfortable, so he came to this hospital on May 3 to review.

Mr. Li (a pseudonym): "My wife is still bleeding, it has not been good, and with abdominal pain, I will do the B -ultrasound. The B -ultrasound shows that the doctor said it is good, it’s okay."

After returning home, the wife’s body has not improved. For his wife’s health, Mr. Li took his wife to the second -level Xi’an North Ring Hospital for examination. According to the results of the B -ultrasound of the hospital, there were 26*21mm in the uterus.Echo.

Mr. Li (a pseudonym): "We can’t wait on May 16th. I went to Xi’an Beihuan Hospital for re -inspection. The results of the examination showed that there were no cleanliness in the body. The doctor of Beihuan Hospital saidInfertility, but we still want children or something after we are young.

Mr. Li said that after the incident, he and his family had repeatedly went to Xi’an Taihe Hospital for negotiation. However, the hospital not only did not find the B -ultrasound problem, but even the negotiation between the two sides had no results.

Mr. Li (pseudonym): "From the first time the doctor said it was clean, to the time to review within half a month, the doctor also said that it was clean. If she said it was not clean in half a month,We will definitely not say that they have any responsibilities. We can go to other hospitals and make a cleanliness, but now it has passed for a month. A woman is constantly bleeding a month a month. What is the concept? "

The health and planning supervision department in the jurisdiction has been involved in investigating the investigating patients in charge of Taihe Hospital to go to a third -party hospital for treatment

So why is the two -ultrasound result of the two -ultrasound?Is Mr. Li’s wife’s drug flow surgery successful in Xi’an Weiyangtai and Hospital?How should this matter be solved?

On the morning of May 20th, the reporter came to Wayangtai and Hospital of Xi’an with Mr. Li. In response to the problems of different results of the B -ultrasound of the two hospitals, Dr. Zhou, a attending physician, explained this.

Dr. Zhou, a gynecologist at Xi’an Weiyangtai and Hospital: "A small amount of molten B -ultrasound can sometimes not be done, but the time is mixed with a small amount of mitigation.Mixed block. "

However, according to the blood test of Mr. Li’s wife in the hospital for the last time, one of them is: human chorionic gonadotropin, the numerical reference interval is 0 to 25, but the test results are 519.24.

Executive Deputy Dean of Weiyangtai and Hospital of Xi’an: "If it exceeds the standard, it means that there is no cleanliness, and the things in the uterine cavity are not clean. Now this happens, that is, surgery is not completely successful."

The hospital stated that in accordance with relevant regulations, doctors in the person should check the exclusion of the body after the drug flow. Because of the objective factors, the doctors of the parties did not test it by themselves, and there was uncertainty.There are relationships.

Executive Deputy Dean: "The B -ultrasound was indeed no problem at the time. Maybe doctors relied on these inspections to be assisted on the spot. They believed that B -ultrasound didn’t see it. The doctor may think that it was clean and there was no problem."

During the interview, the Health and Health Bureau of Xi’an Weiyang District and the comprehensive supervision office of the Health and Family Planning Institute of Health and Family Planning in the area of Xi’an also received a 12345 citizen’s complaint hotline, which has been involved in the investigation.

Yuan Wenqiang, supervised by the Institute of Health and Family Planning Institute of Weiyang District, Xi’an City: "The hospital is a legal medical institution, a medical institution practicing permit, and a inspection of Dr. Zhou at the scene.It belongs to legal. For a comprehensive inspection of this hospital, we will deal with it seriously if there are any illegal and illegal phenomena. "

Liu Shengmin, Chief of the Health and Health Bureau of Weiyang District, Xi’an City: "At present, the hospital has been reached.

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