Women’s uterus is healthy, and there will be 4 performances during menstruation. If you account for one, it means that the uterus is still clean.

The uterus is a female reproductive organs, and it is also an important organ for women to bred embryos and fetuses and menstruation.In addition, the uterus can maintain women’s endocrine balance and can also protect the ovaries.So for women, the health of the uterus is very important.For women with a healthy uterus, during menstruation, there will be many characteristics of the body. If these four performances appear, it means that the uterus is healthy.Let’s introduce it in detail for all women.

What are the performances of uterine health during menstruation?

1. The menstrual cycle is normal

For women with a healthy uterus, every 23 days to 35 days, there will be a menstrual period. This period of time is called the menstrual cycle.If women have a healthy uterus and have no other problems such as ovaries and other parts, menstruation will come every 28 days, and this time is very stable.If the menstrual cycle is shortened, extended, or no regularity of the menstrual cycle, there are some problems with the uterus, and women must go to a regular hospital for treatment quickly.

Second, menstrual blood color is normal

For women with healthy uterus, when the menstruation comes for the first time, the color of menstrual blood is bright red, and the menstrual colors will become dark red, and there are no blood points, blood clots, and blood bars in the blood.The color of menstrual blood appears, indicating that women’s uterus is very healthy, sufficient qi and blood, the blood circulation of the uterus is normal, and there is no poor discharge of menstrual blood.If women’s menstrual colors become dark or blood clots, they must be vigilant.It is usually caused by some uterine diseases, such as endometritis, uterine isotonicia, uterine fibroids and other diseases.In addition, if women’s blood is not smooth, the blood circulation of the uterine is affected, and it will also discharge darker colors and menstrual blood with blood clots.

Third, menstrual flow is normal

For women with a healthy uterus and no other diseases, the number of menstruation each time is generally about 5 days. The amount of menstruation will remain at 50ml each time, at least not less than 30ml, and up to 80ml.If a woman’s menstrual flow exceeds 80ml when menstruation comes, it is a pathological state, which is generally caused by endometriosis and uterine fibroids.In addition, if there is cervicitis, women will also have too much menstrual flow, and there will be a series of symptoms such as severe waist and abdominal pain.

Fourth, no discomfort phenomenon

Women of uterine healthy women do not have very obvious discomfort when menstruation, nor do repeated symptoms such as dizziness, headache, nausea, or cold limbs.Occasionally, there will be slight abdominal pain or waist soreness. As long as women rest properly, these mild discomfort will soon disappear.When women have very serious abdominal swelling, pain, and waist pain when they have menstruation, they are generally related to diseases such as endometriosis and diseases such as cervicitis and uterine fibroids.

All in all, for women who are healthy in the uterus, no unwell phenomenon will occur during menstruation.Except for the above 4 points, women with healthy uterus will not have difficulty in pregnancy or susceptible to miscarriage.And in daily life, no leucorrhea abnormalities and abdominal pain will occur.

If women have some uncomfortable uterus in menstrual and daily life, they only need to go to the doctor in time and give corresponding treatment according to the cause.In addition, you also need to do a good job of conditioning in all aspects of life. Do not eat some spicy stimuli, cold foods, you should also keep your body warm, and pay attention to mentality adjustment. Do not have negative emotions for a long time.In addition, do not have abortion, then you can have a healthy uterus and a healthy body.

Source: Health Weekly

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