Working in a bank, more than 3,000 deaths a month, do you want to resign?Decisively resign

Working in a bank, a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan, do you want to resign?This is the question of my college classmates today.

My suggestion is that if you have other appropriate choices, you must resign, and do not hesitate to resign.More than 3,000 a month is good. My grass -roots employees I have received 2,200 yuan a month. If the vacation time is more than 15 days, the social security and provident fund will be packed.Reality of work in banks.

I also work in the bank. It is not my black bank. The bank has long been going downhill, nor is it a bank 20 years ago, nor is it in the iron rice bowl and system.In addition, compared with other state -owned enterprises, there is no advantage, especially in recent years.

Is it good to work in a bank?Maybe everyone has their own opinions. What I want to say is that the bank is not a bank 20 years ago. The competition in the industry is becoming more and more intense, and the revenue continues to decrease. It is the biggest reality.If you work in a bank for half a year or a year, many people may think that the work of the bank is really difficult to do.

For fresh graduates of university, at the beginning, I may still think that work in the bank is very decent and very face -free.

Any job is just a siege. The people inside come up with, and the fresh graduates outside the outside are still squeezing their heads.

Because I also work in a bank, I know the pain of the grassroots employees of the bank.Many people think that the bank’s salary is high and the work is easy.I said I was too lazy to argue.

The salary level of bank employees is too big. Middle-level cadres get 200-300,000 a year, and grassroots employees have worked hard to get about 80,000 throughout the year.More.

The proportion of paying or returns is the last straw that presses the grassroots employees of the bank.

During the "opening of the door" this year, my bank was resigned continuously, and nearly 20 grass -roots employees have been resigned. The newly issued assessment system made the employees of the branch call hard.

A outlet 11 customer manager and product manager, just work every morning, after the morning meeting, you must go out to marketing, and you have to locate your mobile phone, monitor in real time, and take pictures and upload the system where you go to the market.And space, let alone accompany your family and children on weekends. There is no weekend for 3 consecutive months.

And during the "opening of the door" event, the performance index was very pressured, the deposit task was 4.5 million, and the person’s loan was 2 million.What’s more important is that once the task is unsuccessful, it will be deducted, and the salary gets a month is basically around 2,500 yuan.

The customer manager goes out to market during the day, and will return to the office at 7 o’clock in the evening to write a loan investigation report or organize loan information. It is basically 22:00 at home every night.

Several elder sisters who used to be at the grass -roots outlets where I used to be scolded and cried by the leaders, and the leaders of the outlets were a woman.The elder sister who is 20 years older may be retired soon, and she dares to say anything.

A colleague who has been pregnant for nearly 30 weeks also let out marketing during the opening of the door. After returning to the outlet, the first time I asked whether the task was completed, not letting people rest, and doing some relatively relaxed jobsEssence

I have a college classmate who gets two options after graduation, one ICBC, and one is a contract worker of a public institution.

I wanted to choose a worker. Later, I heard that the tellers had to be the first year, and his previous brothers and sisters had persuaded him not to be a teller. He was finally frightened and chose a public institution.

Later, he proved that his choice was correct, and his classmates who went to the bank were not so lucky.The work pressure is high, and the money cannot be made wrong. You do n’t have to go home at night. When you align your account before you can go home.

When you encounter unreasonable customers, you have to meet each other with a smile. You can’t talk slowly. You can only explain slowly.Remember the process of various businesses, and it will be complained if it is slow.

Therefore, working in a bank, earning more than 3,000 a month, and work that is so tired.

The bank has not been a bright job as in the past few years, and it is not the first choice for everyone to work.

Resignation is not the end, and resignation is just the beginning, and this starts to mean that you are responsible for yourself.It is not recommended to naked.If you really want to leave, it is recommended to prepare your resume and ride a donkey to find a horse first to understand other opportunities in the market.

Therefore, I think if it is a grass -roots employee of the bank, I have other suitable opportunities and choose to resign without hesitation. There is nothing to hesitate.

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