Wuji Baifeng Wan is called "gynecological medicine", but in this case, eat it, be careful!

Menstruation is a normal physiological manifestation of women, but often makes many women love and hate.Some women will complain that their "auntie" is fierce, and every time menstruation is like "blood collapse".However, there are other women who are worried about the amount of menstrual flow. They worry that less menstrual flow means that the ovarian function will decline and will cause fertility difficulties.What is the less menstrual flow of menstruation?Can I eat black chicken Baifeng Pills for conditioning?

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Theoretically, the amount of menstrual cycle bleeding should be 50-80 ml. It is generally believed that the amount of menstrual flow is less than 30 ml. Even if the menstrual passage is small, this data is difficult to measure for many women.If you look at the amount of sanitary napkins, it should be normal for two or three days, with 4-6 sanitary napkins a day, and then gradually decreases.The menstrual period is over one or two days.

When there is a small amount of menstruation, many women are first worried that their ovarian function has declined. In this regard, Zhang Yanhong, deputy director of the Chinese Medicine Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou, said that the most common cause of menstrual flow is the environmental change."Changes in environmental factors will cause less menstrual flow, such as long -term mental tension, excessive fatigue, excessive diet, too fatty diet, etc., excessive obesity or weight loss may cause it.Reduce menstruation. "

In addition, Zhang Yanhong pointed out that due to the unstable hormone level in the body, the girls who have a menstrual tide are unstable, and they are prone to irregular menstruation symptoms such as less menstruation.This may be a manifestation of premature ovarian failure and should be guarded. Doing abortion surgery or multiple pedestrians may also be the cause of too little menstrual flow. In addition, uterine tuberculosis and uterine adhesion may be the culprit.When the menstrual flow appears abnormal, it is not negligent, you should seek medical treatment in time, and the treatment may be restored to normal in the early stage. "

There are many reasons for causing a small amount of menstrual flow, but some women find that they have a small menstrual flow and think that they are deficient in qi and blood. Therefore, they will buy some Wuji Baifeng Pills and Xiaoyao Wan themselves by themselves. Is this reliable?

In this regard, Zhang Yanhong believes that it is naturally unreliable. "The causes of less menstrual flow are very different. Therefore, the treatment of menstrual flow is less, and specific problems should be analyzed.However, it is not suitable for all patients with low menstrual flow. Therefore, it is not recommended that patients take the medicine at will, but should take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. "

Zhang Yanhong said that the main mechanism of decreased menstrual flow is that the blood is less blood, lack of qi and blood, or cold stasis., Blood deficiency, blood and cold, and blood stasis. For four different reasons, the method of dietary treatment is also different. Patients should effectively improve the condition of less menstrual flow after medical treatment.

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