Xiaokang said medicine: Can Yuting be used for emergency contraception for a long time?What are the precautions for taking?

Yuting is a very common oral emergency contraceptive. The full name is "Zuo Nuo Peridone Tablets". I believe that everyone is no stranger to this medicine.However, considering that some people may still have some doubts and misunderstandings during the medication, this issue will combine relevant information to help everyone use medicine and treatment.

Universal name: Zuojino Weltone tablets

Commodity name: Yuting, although the general name and product name are different, they belong to the same drug.


Yuting is mainly used for women’s emergency contraception, that is, when there is no protective measures or other contraceptive methods, it is used by accident.

Yuting is an emergency contraceptive, that is, fast -acting+short -acting.The contraceptive mechanism is to significantly inhibit ovulation and prevent the bed from the bed, and increase the consistency of cervical mucus, increase the resistance of sperm penetration, and play a speed -effective contraceptive effect.

1. Applicable crowd

When there are no protective measures or other contraceptive methods, people who need contraception;

2. Taboo crowd

Those known or suspicious pregnancy are disabled.

Breast cancer, genital organ cancer, abnormal liver function or recent history of liver disease or jaundice, venous thrombosis, cerebrovascular accidents, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, mental depression, and women over 40 years of age are disabled.Essence

Note: The reason why suspicious pregnancy is disabled is because Yuting is an emergency contraceptive, not an induction medicine; it is invalid for those who are pregnant.And after pregnancy, taking Yuting will cause endocrine disorders in pregnant women and affect fetal development.

1. Can Yuting often be used for emergency contraception?

It is not recommended to use Yuting for long -term contraception. It is only recommended to use it when accidental mistakes.

Because Yuting’s hormone content is large, frequent service may cause nausea, vomiting, menstrual disorders, and irregular vaginal bleeding, etc.; And frequent increasing contraceptive failure rate.

2. What are the precautions for taking Yuting?

① It is only applicable to a non -protective sex life. Take it within 72 hours. The sooner you take, the better. You cannot replace conventional contraception. It is not recommended to use it frequently.

② If vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the medicine, take 1 tablet immediately;

③ According to the correct method of use, the pregnancy rate is 4%. If the monthly menstruation is still in the future, the pregnancy is still possible, and the pregnancy test should be performed.To eliminate abnormal pregnancy;

④ For people over the age of 17, if you need to use it under 17, please consult a doctor;

⑤ Breastfeeding women should be paused for at least 3 days when taking it, and the milk should be squeezed out regularly during this period;

If you have the habit of taking some drugs for a long time, such as antihypertensive drugs, gastric drugs, antiviral drugs, etc., please consult a doctor before using Yuting and inform the doctor to avoid adverse reactions between drugs.

I will introduce here this issue. If you want to know more about Yuting, you can also consult the relevant pharmacists directly.I wish you all your early recovery!

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