Xiaokang said medicine: What are the causes of dysmenorrhea?What are the drugs that relieve dysmenorrhea?

When it comes to dysmenorrhea, I believe that many female friends know this kind of pain, but some people are more painful, some people have more severe pain, and even affect work, bringing a lot of trouble to life.

Dysmenorrhea is the most common symptom of gynecology. In fact, it refers to a kind of abdominal pain that women occur during menstruation. The proportion of female friends is relatively large.It is unbearable as abdominal pain, and at the same time, there may also be symptoms of pale and cold limbs. In severe cases, you need to rest in bed.

The cause of dysmenorrhea is mainly the following:

1. Narmer cervical tubes and dysplasia of uterine.Both of these situations may lead to unpopular blood flow, which leads to ischemia and hypoxia in the uterus, that is, dysmenorrhea occurs.

2. Spirit, nerve, genetic and other factors.If the spirit is too nervous for a long time, it will be more sensitive to pain.Dysmenorrhea may be inherited, and women have a certain relationship with mothers’ dysmenorrhea.

3. Irregular diet and schedule: If girls are greedy and cold during menstruation: raw cold and other foods may cause excessive spasm contraction of uterine, which will affect the exclusion of menstrual blood, and then cause dysmenorrhea.Irregular life and rest can cause endocrine disorders and cause dysmenorrhea.

4. Tobette: The ingredients of tobacco and alcohol will have interference factor for the physiological process of menstruation, which can easily lead to dysmenorrhea.

For female friends, in the face of severe dysmenorrhea, it may not even rest or work normally. At this time, in order to alleviate the pain caused by the pain, we may wish to choose the drug to relieve:

1. contraceptives: Because primary dysmenorrhea is closely related to ovulation, and oral contraceptives inhibit ovulation, contraceptives are effective for alleviating dysmenorrhea.For primary dysmenorrhea, the side effects of oral contraceptives are less than analgesic tablets, such as compound pyrone tablets or compound nailopatosterone tablets.The ground flexion is not a contraceptive pill. It is an oral progesterone that allows the endometrium to enter a fully secretion phase, thereby achieving the effect of alleviating dysmenorrhea.

2. β-receptor stimulants: β-receptor stimulants are mainly through β-receptor on the excitable muscle cell membrane, which improves the intracellular cycopic phosphate content, which will cause the uterine muscle to relax and achieve the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea.Commonly used drugs include hydroxytopenia adrenaline and interior hydroxyl -shaped adrenaline

3. Calcium channel blocker: The role of this type of drug is mainly through the interference of CA ++ (calcium ion) through the cell membrane and preventing CA ++ from released from the internal inventory of the cell to relieve the smooth muscle to relieve dysmenorrhea.Commonly used drugs include nifedine.

4. Chinese medicine.If you treat traditional Chinese medicine, you need to be dialectical. Friends who often feel cold abdomen during menstrual periods.Friends who are often manifested as menstrual or lower abdomen pain, and pressed, should be mainly based on nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing blood and relieving pain, such as Fukang Film.

Does dysmenorrnoea affect pregnancy?

There are many causes of dysmenorrhea. If there are some dysmenorrhea caused by lesions in some reproductive organs, such as uterine dysplasia, or the cervical mouth and the excessive bending of the uterus to stimulate the uterine contraction and cause pain, it will affect pregnancy.of.

However, it cannot be said that dysmenorrhea will definitely affect pregnancy. Therefore, if female friends have dysmenorrhea, it is best to go to the hospital for examination. If it is the cause of the disease, it must be actively treated.

This is here this issue, I wish you all your early recovery!

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